Product Source 2003, Part 1

Publish date:

Product Source 2003, Part 1

Aug 31, 2003 12:00 PM

Digital on-air control surface


Generation-4 and Generation-9:

The G-4 surface controls Wheatstone's G-4 mixing engine, which plugs directly into existing Bridge Router cage systems to give the user control of thousands of sources and destinations. It allows the creation of a platform-based system whereby 50 surfaces can be configured to share sources, destinations and control signal information. Bridge Router cages, which house the I/O ports and engine cards, can be wired in tandem within a single equipment room, or be interconnected with fiber optic or CAT-5 wires. The G-9 radio control surface is an extension of the established Bridge digital audio network routing system. Bridge engine components allow as many as 256 mix buses in one rack mount system. Multiple components can be linked to form a networked system, making it a useful solution for large station integration projects.
fax 252-637-1285

Air and production workstation

Broadcast Software International

Series 200:

This system includes an air and a production workstation. The company uses Dell 2650 Power Edge servers with a 2GHz Intel Pentium IV processor. Each PC comes with 256MB RAM and a 146GB hot-swappable hard drive. The system also includes two Dell 17" flat panel monitors. The series uses the Windows 2000 platform, and includes Simian digital automation, Wavecart digital cart machine, Stinger instant audio, Speedy CD-to-PC ripping and Syntrillium's Cool Edit Pro 2.0 128-track digital editing software. Simian can be used for music on hard drive and satellite automation, as well as live-assist or a combination of all three. It offers easy voice tracking and flextime, and is compatible with most traffic systems. Wavecart and Stinger are useful for a variety of live-assist functions. Speedy provides professional ripping to the system in linear or compressed formats. Cool Edit Pro provides dozens of effects, can export to several compressed audio file formats and can analyze audio in various ways. The workstation includes two AudioScience 4344 professional sound cards. The 4344 features four playback devices, mixable to four balanced physical outputs, along with three record devices that pull from a balanced record input.
fax 541-338-8656

RF components catalog

RF Parts

Online catalog:

A worldwide distributor for 34 years, RF Parts has released an expansion of its online catalog on its website. The newly expanded catalog provides an easy and efficient listing of product information, product applications and product ordering with the company's secure ordering system. The catalog lists a complete line of power tubes for broadcast, industrial and communications, including Eimac, Amperex, Taylor, Svetlana, RFP and Econco brands along with a full range of sockets through 20kW. In addition, the company stocks a large inventory of popular and hard-to-find RF transistors and power modules from Motorola, Toshiba, MA/COM, Mitsubishi and Microsemi. High-voltage doorknob capacitors and rectifiers are also stocked.
fax 760-744-1943


Armstrong Transmitter


A 1,000W digital ready solid state AM transmitter, this HD radio product offers ready with features such as: 90 precent PA efficiency, 80 percent overall efficiency; optimized multiphase modulator; capable of 150 percent positive modulation; hot pluggable modules; designed to easily accept the new HD Radio signal; three preset power levels and full remote control capability; two 600W RF modules for extra reliability and headroom; high efficiency switching power supplies; fully redundant RF, modulator, cooling system and power supplies.
fax 315-673-9972

Technical consultation


Equipment dealer:

A 28-year-old company in the broadcast industry, the computer division was formed in 1992 to address the digital revolution and new broadcast technology. The company represents more than 700 manufacturers. SCMS occupies a 12,000 sq. ft. facility capable of staging major RF, computer or studio projects. This company is the exclusive Broadcast Electronics RF representative for the Southeast, and one of only three Wheatstone digital dealers. Additionally, SCMS has five field offices across the United States.
fax 704-889-4540

FCC license data tracker


License Agent:

This service permits the tracking of FCC license data for AM, FM, television, low band VHF, high band VHF, UHF and 800MHz and above. The system will track items of competitive interest or those that could cause potential interference or allocation problems with the subscriber's facility or location. It covers all activity in FCC Parts 22, 73, 74 and 90 in one easy-to-use format. It can be used not only to identify potential interferers, but also to see the details of what is being proposed and the possible effects on the flagged site. Users enter a latitude, longitude and radius distance for each site they wish to flag or simply the call sign. Moreover, users can request a daily, weekly or monthly e-mail of any activity without any difference in cost. Any flag will generate an online list of information that pertains to a facility or market the user wishes to monitor. Flags are available for one site or hundreds of sites so the service is useful for small as well as large users.
fax 386-423-0821

pre-engineered reinforcement parts

ERI-Electronics Research

Structural Reinforcement Products:

ERI introduces a new line of pre-engineered bolt-on and weld-on leg reinforcement parts, inner member reinforcement parts and adjustable length hog rod members. The newest gin poles are engineered to the proposed TIA/EIA-222-G gin pole standard.
fax 812-925-4030

Mic preamplifier

Great River Electronics


A desktop professional audio device, this preamp brings the classic 70s vintage sound to projects and personal studios. The ME-1NV offers identical performance and specifications to its dual-channel predecessor, the MP-2NV Mercenary Edition, bringing together modern electronic circuitry and classic design. Custom-designed Sowter transformers and modern components result in a lower noise floor, extended frequency response and superior bass clarity. The front panel includes a 12-position, gold-plated gain control adjustable in 5dB steps from 5dB to 60dB, and an output amplifier continuous gain control that can be adjusted from -25dB to +10dB, giving an overall maximum gain of 70dB. The front panel quarter-inch, �" hi-Z instrument input feeds an input transformer and a unique FET buffer amplifier. The output amplifier is a single-ended proprietary transformer-coupled design.
fax 651-455-3224

Audio storage and playback system

Prophet Systems

NexGen Digital ver. 3.0:

There are four Nexgen 2 Studio Suite digital automation solutions. Musicgen, a music scheduling system, is easy to use, yet allows the user to create complex music rotations. Musicgen is now available for download. Nexgen ver 3.0 contains a wide array of customer-driven enhancements and improvements for audio storage and playback. Delivering files via WANcasting is made easier with bulk file feeds and off-peak time delivery. Increased tracking capabilities in the WANcasting module allow the user to distinguish data recordings. The Digital Reel To Reel element now includes features to help control outside hardware, as well as options for recurring recordings. It includes the ability to see current status of recordings similar to the control room. Users can also lock down their individual button bar settings, as well as prevent certain audio types from being accessed by others.
fax 308-284-4181

Software mod monitor


Wizard for Windows:

This software consists of two parts: a data acquisition and control module, and a JAVA applet. The data acquisition and control module establishes the connection to the units, provides management of users and allows continuous logging of data to the host computer. The module connects to the remote units using a direct RS-232, modem or with an optional external interface box, a LAN/WAN or Internet. Multiple users can be assigned a unique user name and password. Unit access is further restricted by specifying an observer, operator or supervisor classification. Data may be logged at user defined intervals or 24 hours continuously. The JAVA applet display module provides a virtual front panel interface to all the available units, as well as various graph and histogram displays. Any remote computer that can address the host computers IP or URL with a Java-enabled Web browser, regardless of the computers operating system or hardware, will be able to run the applet.
fax 610-687-2686

Burial cables

Gepco International

Direct burial cables:

Each of the direct burial multipair audio and coax cables features a black polyethylene jacket and water-blocking tape separator applied between the braid shield and outer jacket. The jacket is difficult to puncture and corrosion-resistant, while the water-blocking tape absorbs moisture and prevents wicking in the event that liquids enter into the cable. The cables can be used in any direct burial application, underground or with conduit, or in conduit where standing water occurs.
fax 847-795-8770

Digital carrier power meters

Coaxial Dynamics

Digital Wattchman:

The Coaxial Dynamics Digital Wattchman rack-mounted station monitor/alarm is similar in function and appearance to the company's 81090 series, except that it is designed for the accurate measurement of complex RF waveforms such as CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and DAB signals. It will also function well with AM and FM signals. A digital station monitor/alarm system installation consists of a Digital Wattchman, a dual socket line section and two digital broadcast plug-in elements for monitoring forward and reflected power. The meter is supplied with four 25' cable assemblies for connection to the line section and elements, and a 6' ac power cord. Installation requires inserting the line section and elements into the transmission line, connecting the terminals of the transmitter interlock systems to the proper terminals on the meter and providing ac power.
fax 216-267-3142

Scheduled audio capture

NCH Swift Sound


AudioTime allows the user schedule a Windows computer to record or replay audio at certain dates and times, or regular times on certain days of week. It can replay a file while the file is being recorded (to delay the recording) and record or replay multiple files at the same time (if there is more than one sound card installed). Record or replay audio automatically. Schedule certain dates or time of day on specified days of week between commence and expiration dates. Replay a file while it is still being recorded (to delay a network program, for example) or to record a file while it is still being played. Select sample rates from 8kHz-96kHz in mono or stereo. With this system the user can record multiple files at the same time or replay multiple files at the same time by installing more than one sound card.

FM amplifier



This 1kW broadband amplifier requires only 3RU standard 19" of rack mount space. Four amplifier pallets, rated in excess of 250W are operated in parallel. Should one fail, the remaining amplifiers continue working to keep the signal on-air at reduced power. Two dc ventilation fans ensure cool, reliable operation. A switch mode power supply unit accommodates a wide ac voltage range from 170V to 260V, without needing transformer tapping or adjustment. The 1kW FM amplifier may be operated in combination with the Nautel NE50 digital FM exciter or the NE30 analog exciter, either as a primary transmitter or a standby system. The FM1 features selectable linear mode operation to accommodate hybrid FM/IBOC transmission using common amplification or fully digital IBOC transmission for separate amplification.
fax 207-947-3693

Reflective numbers and letters

VIP Division


When these characters are illuminated in dim light or darkness, they reflect light so brightly that they appear to be lit from within. In addition, the characters are very visible in daylight, whether bright sunshine or overcast. The 2" numbers and letters, which are made from 15-year rated 3M silver reflective material, are silver on black and come 25 per package. They are useful for tower markers, transformer and pedestal marking.
fax 800-967-3986

Transmitter reseller


Pre-owned transmitters:

This company provides used AM and FM transmitters and is a manufacturer representative for new antenna, cable, STL equipment and audio equipment.
fax 215-938-7361

Broadcast supplier

Bay Country Broadcast Equipment

Equipment Dealer:

This broadcast equipment dealer offers a 15-day return guarantee. In its fifth year of business, the company offers new and used equipment and also rents test equipment. The company's website includes a list of used equipment offerings as well.
fax 410-335-3136

Microphone preamplifier



The MMA800-XLR features eight mic preamplifiers in a rugged single rack space enclosure with XLR connectors in and out. Each ultra-low noise preamplifier includes a front panel selection of level, high or low gain, phase reverse and low cut filter, as well as LED readouts of signal presence and signal clipping, switchable output level meter, internal switches for input summing into multiple outputs and active balance or transformer balanced outputs.
fax 215-443-0394

10 � 1 audio switcher

Conex Electro Systems


The AS-101 Audio Switcher allows any one of 10 stereo sources to be switched to the stereo output channel. Switching is accomplished by pressing one of the illuminated buttons on the front panel, or remotely via the remote control connector on the rear panel. Several remote control devices may be connected in parallel, and all will indicate the selected channel. Features include: 10 stereo inputs switchable to one stereo output; transformerless balanced inputs and outputs; front panel accessible input and output level controls; inputs individually switch for 10 ? bridging or 600? loads; all IC's plug-in for easy repair; seven wire remote control bus for multiple remotes; low noise, low distortion circuitry; front panel and remote control buttons are user legendable; and remote control units are inexpensive and easy to connect.
fax 360-676-4822

LAN/WAN add-on module


Imedia Access Server:

A LAN/WAN add-on module for Imediatouch, the module allows control of audio assets across all stations. Using a drag and drop interface, operators can copy audio (voice tracks, songs, commercials, IDs) to and from on-air or production studio locations. This system allows the operator to create and view on-air schedules, monitor the on-air status of a remote location, and view TTA information via HTML. Providing a wide area connectivity strategy for radio groups, it features content, scheduling and operational management functions. The system can be designed and configured for a variety of connectivity needs. It also features remote production capabilities, audio transfer verification, schedule transfer confirmation and user security.
fax 204-783-5805

Remote control software

Burk Technology

Lynx 4:

Use this software with the GSC3000 and VRC2500 transmitter remote control systems to help maximize the benefit of a remote control system. This software is included with the purchase of a new unit. By offering simple site setup and control, customized logging and a feature set built for flexibility, this product gives the user the power to control his or her site easily and effectively. Access all the sites on one screen with dockable windows that present all the information logically. Multi-site control is convenient and efficient, with each site selectable from an expandable menu. Switch views from one site to the next with a click, while keeping alarms and events for the entire system in plain sight. The software offers a real-time event list to provide immediate notification and detailed logging of user and site activity. TCP/IP-based modem and COM port sharing, expanded logging and advanced report writing capabilities are also available.
fax 978-486-0081

Wireless network interface


Matrix Wireless Module:

Broadcasters can transmit remote audio over a wireless network, without needing a telephone line or a separate wireless phone with this module. The module incorporates a GSM wireless phone, a 2W power booster and the firmware to transmit high-quality audio over GSM networks, all enclosed in a compact housing. An external antenna comes with the module. With its optional battery kit, the Matrix can broadcast in the field for as long as seven hours.
fax 978-784-1717

Portable codec/mixer

ATA Audio


A reporter model audio codec, the Scoopy packages all four transmission systems (PSTN, ISDN, GSM and INMARSAT) and all the required compatibility protocols into a compact, lightweight case (1.5kg including batteries). The unit is also useful in distribution (sound is sent from a radio or television station to the transmitter) and contribution (sound is transmitted from the reporting site to the station) applications as a solution for mobility in live news and sports reporting anywhere in the world.
fax 973-659-9555

Satellite delivery

NPR Satellite Services

Audio distribution services:

Providing radio and audio satellite distribution to broadcasters throughout the country for more than 20 years, NPR Satellite Services leases full-time space to radio broadcasters, allowing stations to target specific program distribution hours, spread overhead costs and build audience reach. NPRSS also sells equipment and provides equipment services, such as repairs and access to a pool of loaners, on availability. The company also offers SCPC and MCPC innovation technology, A/D conversion, uplinking from anywhere in the U.S. and frequency coordination. Around-the-clock technical support is provided.

Music log

TM Century

Perfect Mix:

Perfect Mix custom schedules a radio station's music log and specializes in five music formats: AC, hot AC, CHR, country and oldies. Each format is programmed by a veteran in that format, with expertise in music targeting and in interpreting music research. All logs come ready to be merged into a station's hard drive system or printed out for the control room.
fax 972-406-6890

Audio network

Telos Systems


Livewire conveys audio and peripheral data streams over standard Ethernet hardware, reducing the infrastructure costs incurred with traditional audio routing methods. The audio network uses universally-available Ethernet as a universal studio interconnect. A single CAT-5 or fiber conveys multiple audio channels, control, program-associated-data, VoIP telephone and computer data. This product uses switching Ethernet hubs to guarantee audio quality of service; audio is prioritized and takes precedence over all other data types. This approach results in low latency, enabling real-time monitoring of live audio sources: per-link delay is less than 1ms for high-priority audio signals. A Livewire 100Base-T link can carry 50 bi-directional stereo channels of 48kHz, 24-bit linear PCM audio.
fax 216-241-4103

Satellite communications link


Global Area Network:

The Inmarsat Global Area Network uses the Inmarsat satellite network to provide virtual global coverage and the Land Earth Stations to interface to the world's telecommunication networks. End-users access the network with a mobile satcom unit (MSU). A range of units is available from various manufacturers. The network offers two services: Mobile ISDN and the newly launched Mobile Packet Data. These high-speed services deliver speeds of up to 64kb/s, rapidly extending local and wide area networks or providing mobile, easily deployed high-speed connectivity for ISDN remotes. The Mobile ISDN service has two versions. The 64kb/s Unrestricted Digital Information (UDI) is suitable to use with ISDN terminal adapters. The 56kb/s Data service can also be used for data and is mainly pro-vided for the North American market.

Remote pickup equipment


8888 and 8889 Remote Pick Up:

The re-introduction of this remote pick up equipment mean that it now complies with the FCC's new Part 74 requirement for carriers on 3.125 kHz spacings. The 8888 transmitter offers three audio inputs (high level and low level), three selectable RF output power levels, external processor patching and a built-in test-tone oscillator for easy system level setting. Front panel metering and alarms show unit operation at a glance. Power can be supplied from ac or a 13.8 Vdc external battery. The 8889 receiver, also frequency agile, has selectable IF bandwidth, a security command feature, a built-in DTMF input and a repeater transmitter enable circuit.
fax 408-727-5942

Product upgrade

Condron Broadcast Engineering

Call Screener for Windows:

This software package works with all Telos telephone products and the Gentner TS612 telephone system. Fields can be customized by the user, and a flash box can send important messages to the on-air talent. The software can be used with a LAN, WAN or Internet connection for greater versatility. Licenses are available on a per-copy basis or by site license.

Commercial traffic software

Broadcast Data Consultants

Traffic C.O.P. for Windows:

This software for Windows for traffic software includes a complete, fully featured, true Windows, traffic and billing system from order entry to log scheduling to A/R. It offers total password security with the intuitiveness of Windows. Customer support is available: no answering machines. There are no extra charges for updates to the software. They are included in support. The software runs on a computer network and exports to an automation system with full control over cart numbers and copy.

Wiring break-out-box accessories

Radio Systems

ASI6000 accessories:

Radio Systems and AudioScience have developed the wiring break-out-box accessories for the ASI6000 series multichannel PCI audio cards. Cables are also available to allow the use of the B.O.B. with the ASI4300 series. The rack mount units, available in XLR and RJ-45 versions, allow users convenient and dependable access to all channels of card analog and digital I/O, as well as clocking and sync signals. One simple multipin connector connects the unit to the audio card. A single B.O.B. provides access to all card digital I/O or as many as four analog channels, while multiple B.O.B.s can be ganged when access to all eight stereo analog input and output channels is needed.
fax 856-467-3044

PDA audio recorder



Pocketrec represents a new generation in portable digital audio recording and editing that integrates all steps in the workflow of electronic newsgathering into one continuous process. Pocketrec uses industry standard PDAs (PocketPC). The PDA expands the Pocket PC, turning it into a fully featured portable digital audio workstation providing the journalist with a rich set of professional tools on the Pocket PC that replace their need for other gear. A few of the benefits of the Pocketrec are: due to its size and weight a complete kit with all the required tools of the trade are greatly reduced. An average of seven pounds of equipment weight can be completely eliminated;. the platform is a single unit, meaning that no addition high-end audio card or separate recorder is required for the field reporter to perform a quality job; other applications running on a standard Pocket PC that many reporters already carry for notes, emails, contacts, Internet access; standard accessories are available for and integration of other media that can be used and attached to filings; and inte-grated multi-media content management, meaning that the journalist has an easy to use tool with search facilities to manage their content.
fax 703-281-1074

Equipment sales and service


Used equipment dealer:

With more than 20 years experience in design, construction and maintenance of every configuration imaginable, Mooretronix is able to assist in making an operation as efficient and cost effective as possible.
fax 231-924-7812

Screening software

Telos Systems

Assistant Producer v3.5:

Assistant Producer v3.5 works with Telos Series 2101 and Two�12 Talkshow Systems. Using this call screener, talkshow hosts can command as many as 24 callers at a time with Series 2101, and as many as 12 callers when using Two�12. Assistant Producer integrates many conveniences that help make communication between the producer and talent seamless, such as Caller ID support, a caller database to assist in analyzing caller profiles, Instant Chat windows and on-screen dialing for outgoing calls. Assistant Producer v3.5 smoothes talk show production with exclusive Telos Status Symbols � a unique icon-based visual call management system that informs users of line and caller status with just a glance. Talk shows can easily be produced while out of the studio, thanks to this products ability to remotely produce programs using an Ethernet LAN or WAN connection.
fax 216-241-4103

Remote control and monitoring


IP2 Choice:

From the new generation of Audemat-Aztec remote control devices, IP2 Choice enables full control of all conditions on the transmitter site. It acts as a gateway between the Ethernet or telephone network and the remote equipment. This flexible, modular unit can be made up of a mix of digital input boards, relay boards, analog metering channel boards and RS232/485 communication boards. As a 2RU rack mounted unit, it can be integrated with up to 16 boards. One unit can be equipped with as many as 128 digital inputs or 64 digital inputs, 32 relays, 32 analog metering channels and four RS-232 communication ports. The IP2 technology is accessible in the device through its embedded website offering IP2 services for remote IP connection.
fax 305-682-2233

Analog radio on-air console



Features of this analog radio on-air console include flexible configurations and combinations of dual source mic or line inputs, four stereo outputs, mono sum and aux send outputs, fully programmable logic, machine control and dual mix-minus system availability. The console furnishes full phone call-in support, monitor and talkback functions, full VU metering, clock, timer, stereo cue/solo, EQ availability per module, aux send and individual channel IFB feed options. The counter drop-in mount system offers easy installation.
fax 252-637-1285

Coaxial stripping tool

Ripley Company


Ripley Company has expanded its Cablematic line of tools for broadband industries by developing SLT coaxial stripping tools, designed for Belden Coax 3 and Coax 4 cable types. The tools incorporate cutting blades that cleanly expose the center conductor, then easily strip the outer jacket in a second step. The tool has adjustable strip stops to allow the user to vary both strip dimensions independently to accommodate a range of required connector preparation dimensions with a single tool.
fax 860-635-3631

Studio furniture



This studio furniture line is engineered for studio decors where non-wood trims are a design goal. Available in a wide variety of colors, this furniture will complement any size market application. The modular design enables the furniture to be ordered in almost any configuration. The furniture features all plastic surfaces and a trim design and it is modular for flexibility. The tabletops are high quality plastic laminates and the tabletop equipment rack pod offers a heat vent and rear access. All the tabletops and other panels are laminated on both sides to reduce warping. Thermofused polylaminate side panels can not delaminate and are scratch and ware resistant.
fax 970-663-1010

Eight-channel tube mixer

Boutique Audio and Design

MP 280 All-tube Sidecar:

This eight-channel tube mixer can be used to recreate the warm tube sound of a past era. Three modules are available. The input module accepts a mic, line or direct input and has high- and low-frequency EQ switches, phantom power, switchable pad, and a level meter. The EQ module offer boost and cut at 16 fequencies. The compressor module features an LDR circuit. Also suitable for eccentric announcers.
fax 818-340-6252

Audio router

SPL - Sound Performance Lab

SPL router:

This device provides routing for as many as eight stereo or mono processors or speaker pairs. It includes an on-board headphone amp and is useful in a small studio or as a monitor router. All connections are balanced audio.
fax 805-435-7455

Transmission consultants

LBA Technology

AM equipment and services:

Since 1963, Lawrence Behr Associates has provided consulting services to the telecommunications and wireless industry. The company offers its services in the areas of cellular, PCS, SMR, broadcasting, wireless cable and integrated broadband systems. The staff includes specialists in RF engineering, antenna design, AM detuning, facility shielding, zoning and litigation support, EMI resolution, radio frequency environment studies, project management, site acquisition and FCC regulations.
fax 252-752-9155

Broadcast audio processor

Aphex Systems

2020 Mk III:

The 2020 Mk III comes with digital audio I/O. The digital input uses the two-channel AES/EBU standard. The XLR connector has a three-pin EMI-suppressed connection with pin 1 attached to the chassis ground and pins 2 and 3 transformer-balanced and floating. The sampling rate can be input clock-slaved or independently selected at 32, 44.1, or 48KHz. All processing is handled at 20-bit word lengths. The technical advances of the product include: new dual-band optical pre-emphasis limiter, new Ultra Clean overshoot-compensated lowpass filters, dual output stereo generator with RBDS interface, improved baseband spectral purity, dual mono and stereo capability and improved remote control.
fax 818-767-2641

Digital/analog AM transmitters



The first in a dynamic family of 1kW to 6kW AM transmitters designed for analog and IBOC applications. The design of this transmitter family provides exceptional linearity and wide bandwidth to deliver a clean analog sound. This design also provides a highly accurate reproduction of the IBOC signal at all power levels.
800-622-0022 fax 513-459-3890

Status updates online

Creative Studio Solutions

Online Project Updates:

Available through the CSS' website, this service monitors the progress of a project. Clients receive a password that provides exclusive online access to the project site. The client site is updated weekly and includes photographs, text, project timeline updates and other information pertinent to the project. Because much of the CSS work is pre-assembled in the CSS facility, clients can check on progress before local work begins. Entercom Denver was the first client to use this service. Reports and data can be customized to each clients needs.
fax 303-425-5005

Audio logger/skimmer


Eskimmer 4.2 Appliance System:

Version 4.3 of the Eskimmer Appliance System allows high-quality recordings of on-air signals, performances or communications, and allows playback over its Webskimmer interface via a LAN, WAN or the Internet. Easy-to-use controls allow a user to listen to audio from down the hall or across continents. Encoding on the fly allows audio that is still being recorded to be immediately accessible for playback and verification. E-mailing a recorded audio cut to a consultant or colleague takes seconds rather than days via conventional shipping methods.
fax 541-967-8721

Wire stand



A multi-purpose wire stand that will hold most common wire spools up to 30", the stand is available as a set of two. They are easy to set up and to transport to any work location. In addition to holding wire spools, the two OVO notches on the top make an excellent pipe vise to hold rod and pipe from �" to 4" diameter. They also make a convenient saw horse or small workbench to help get work off the ground. Made of durable plastic that will hold up for many years of use.

Audio switcher/mixer

Sine Systems


An 8�1 audio switcher/mixer, this product offers extensive control capabilities via RS-232 data. The simple ASCII command structure allows for rapid development of powerful �one-off� customized automation systems. The system also incorporates silence sensors, parallel logic inputs, control relays, clock/calendar and temperature-sensing capabilities. Front-panel indicators include left and right VU meters, channel selection indicators and left and right silence alarm status indicators. Rear-panel screw terminals are mounted on removable connector boards for easy installation and removal.
fax 615-227-2367

EAS receiver

Dayton Industrial


The company's line of receivers is designed for professional or EAS monitoring. Three receivers for NOAA, AM, FM or public service band are housed in a 1RU case. The AFC3 contains a front-panel audio selector switch, mounted small speaker and headset outputs controlled by a volume control. Also mounted on the front panel are LED indicators that indicate carrier and modulation activity for each receiver. An alert indicator and test/reset switch is mounted on the front panel for those receivers that use alert tone detectors, such as the weather and public-service monitors. The rear panel contains outputs for the receivers. The receiver uses an included 12V power source.
fax 941-351-6081

Digital Matchbox

Henry Engineering

Digimatch 2�6:

This digital Matchbox converts between S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital audio signals. It also functions as a digital audio distribution amplifier with inputs for AES/EBU and S/PDIF signals. Its six outputs can drive AES/EBU and S/PDIF equipment. This product is ? rack width and includes a built-in ac power supply, so no wall warts are needed.
fax 626-355-0077

Content delivery system

Pristine Systems

CDS32 Pro:

A content delivery system for Windows 2000 or XP platforms, this system offers live assist, satellite automation, music-on-hard-drive, remote control access and unlimited walk-away time. It supports all traffic and music scheduling software, but also includes a spot set editor and music scheduler. This delivery system is a replacement for cart machines. It operates manually or uses script automation for additional features. The Satellite Automation systems offer all the features of the Live Assist system plus satellite automation functions. It can also automate multiple satellite networks. The Music Log system is designed to operate live or automated. It features in-context voice tracking for live sound.
fax 310-831-6287

Mic boom riser

RAM Broadcast Systems


Features of this mic boom riser include a hollow center to hide mic cable, a bolted shaft to base, no screws are required and an aluminum construction. This product is useful for Corian-type bases and fits most mic booms. XLR adapters are optional.
800-779-7575 fax 847-487-2440

Satellite time

ABC Radio Satellite Services

Distribution Services:

ABC delivers branded and independent syndicated programs, sporting events, live concerts, premieres and press releases via satellite to thousands of radio stations and millions of listeners coast-to-coast. The company offers a variety of products and services. Distribution is achieved on AMC-8 via StarGuide III, the primary satellite and system for U.S. commercial radio distribution. It offers three types of channels: joint stereo (192kb or 128kb), 20kHz dual channel mono (96kb) and 10.2kHz dual channel mono (64kb). This system is a gateway to the New York Technical Operating Center from Dallas, Los Angeles and Washington, DC. It offers record and playback services. Talk radio ready studios are available in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.
fax 212-456-5807


Forecast Consoles


Forecast's designers and engineers spent more than two years on extensive R and D. The system had to be completely thought-out before the rollout. The Masterail system is available in a Modular Component console style and an Imagemaster workstation. All devices mount universally anywhere along the rail and are completely independent of each other, as well as the rest of the structure. This feature allows both console types to be completely reconfigured, repurposed and re-used, quickly, easily and inexpensively, now and anytime in the future. The system incorporates modern materials, precision lazar-fabricated parts and superior third-party accessories.
fax 631-253-0277

Silence eliminator

Danagger Audio Works

Plan B:

Combining the functions of an audio loss detector, a CD/MP3 player and a talking remote control system, the Plan B provides a backup system to eliminate dead air caused by equipment failure or human error. On detection of an interruption of user-set duration, the unit switches its built-in disc player online and then dials three telephone numbers in sequence until it makes contact. A pre-recorded voice reports the unit's status, then lets the user control the Plan B and any external equipment connected to the unit's three auxiliary relays or status inputs. The user can also listen to the incoming audio or the disc audio over the phone. The unit can play audio CDs and MP3 CDs to provide as long as eight hours of backup programming. The drive can play cuts in sequence or random order, and it can be set for looping playback. External inputs can be digital (up to 24bit/96kHz) or analog. All signals are looped through the unit via gold contact relays. Other features include an alarm siren with external mute, a tabulating failure memory and a safety switch to prevent accidental activation. It occupies 2RU.
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Audio control surface

Sierra Automated Systems


A stand-alone control surface, the Rubicon integrates seamlessly into the SAS 32KD Digital Audio Network for its mixing, switching, level control and effects. Completely modular, extensively customizable and fully programmable, this control surface is for a medium- or large- market facility.
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Digital audio playout system

Scott Studios

SS32X and VT32X:

Introducing a new air studio digital audio playout system with HP, Dell and other generic computers, and non-proprietary sound cards from Sound Blaster Live and up. This system comes with software codecs so ordinary sound cards can play Fraunhofer MPEG Layer-3 (MP3), MPEG 1 Layer II, apt-X, WMA (Windows Media Audio), uncompressed PCM and WAV recordings, GSM, ADPCM, DSP and others, VOX (Dialogic ADPCM), OGG Vorbis, MPC (MusicPack), G.726, G.723, G.721, AIFF (Apple), AU (Unix), Siprolab Telecom, Indeo, CCITT G.711, MS GSM6.10 DSP group TrueSpeach, MS G.723.1 and ALF2 CD Audio.
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Single-tube FM transmitter

Broadcast Electronics


Use this transmitter as a single 25kW transmitter or combine it for as much as 50kW output power. Features of this product include a folded halfwave cavity that eliminates the need for a plate blocking capacitor and sliding contacts; a remote transmitter diagnostic system for complete remote monitoring and logging of all transmitter operations; proportional VSWR foldback for continuous operation into loads up to three to one VSWR; and a 500W solid state IPA that can be used as a standby transmitter. Filament regulation is included in each unit.
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Modular audio console


Pacemaker II Model PM228:

This model features a modern styling and color with wood end trim, an exclusive bimodular concept, all dc control and screw-type plug-in connectors. Uses similar switches and the same Penny & Giles pots as the original Pacemaker. The console offers as many as 60 stereo inputs. The modular design allows the user to start with the number of modules needed and expand as needed.
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Ringer relay



This product accepts as many as six independent telephone lines. Each incoming ring closes the associated relay and each relay has two sets of form C contacts. Relays stay steady during rings. All interface connection on screw terminals. The metal enclosure can be wall or table mounted. An optional, low cost, rack mount (1RU) is available. All interface connections are on standard screw terminals.
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Studio furniture

Mager Systems

Sound Choice Furniture:

This new series of stock studio furniture offers high quality materials throughout. Vented cabinets have curved corners and countertop edges are rounded. A standard color choice is available. Various riser heights are available for the rack turret. The cabinets are 19-ply, 1�" thick plywood and do not use particleboard or melamine. The countertops are solid-surface Avonite. No cabinet assembly is required. All surfaces are fully sealed with no laminate to crack, chip or peel.
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