Product Source 2003, Part 3

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Product Source 2003, Part 3

Aug 31, 2003 12:00 PM

T-1 multiplexer

Mayah Communications

Centauri 3500:

The 3000 is a stand-alone bi-directional T-1-based studio transmitter link supporting bi-directional, 15kHz uncompressed stereo audio, IP addressable Ethernet data link, parallel remote I/O control and remote PC configuration and support. Using a mix of available modules, as many as 24 audio channels can be transmitted or four ISDN BRI codecs can be used. The codec modules support Layer 2, Layer 3, AAC and G.722. Flexible alarm handling and management via IP add to the control functions.
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Spectrum analyzer

IFR Systems


Designed for wireless infrastructure and production testing, the 2397 can also be used for satellite systems and ground stations and other general purpose RF and microwave applications. This spectrum analyzer can be configured with options similar to those available for other members of the 239X spectrum analyzer family. Hardware options include a tracking generator, ac and dc power supply, high stability timebase and quasi-peak detector. Software options include Distance to Fault, Marker Label Edit and EMC for pre-compliance testing. The unit's range extends from 9kHz to 3GHz, and up to 26.5GHz in the 2395 spectrum analyzer. The 2397 weighs 20lbs. The marker system simplifies troubleshooting by allowing nine markers to be displayed on the screen at any time. A marker table displays the frequency and level of each marker selected, thus allowing multiple signals to be evaluated simultaneously.
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Mic/line interface amps



The design specs of this 1RU eight-channel line amplifier are similar to the MMA800-XLR, including a switchable output-level meter and internal switches for input summing to multiple outputs. It is available with active-balanced or transformer-balanced outputs. The unit is available in four models. All units have internal power supplies. Each amplifier includes front panel selection of level, high or low gain, phase reverse and low-cut filter as well as LED readouts of signal presence and signal clipping.
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DSP controlled amplifiers


Precision Series:

These professional amplifiers offer remote control and supervision of as many as 250 amplifiers via one or multiple PCs. DSP controlled precision amplifiers combine performance with remote control and system supervision capabilities. Central supervision and control of all amplifiers and connected loudspeakers is achieved with signal processing (filter, delay, level, dynamics). The DSP Controlled Amplifiers also display the acoustical response of loudspeakers in real-time (RACE). Integration with life-safety systems and control of external equipment is seamless. The P3000 RL is the flagship of the series, and provides 2 � 1,300W into 4O and 2 � 1,800W into 2O. The digital version of the P3000 features all Speakon NL4 connectors on speaker outs.
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Monitoring products

Statmon Technologies

Remote control communications system:

Working with Harris, Statmon has developed a suite of facility monitoring tools for network and facility systems. Using IP to connect station control rooms with both local and remote transmitters provides a Web-enabled Windows-based software program to provide remote transmitter monitoring from anywhere. The unit interfaces with the serial connection found on many newer transmitters. The system can handle a fully scaleable number of status, analysis and control channels. It is Web-enabled, monitors SNMP, is capable of remote operation, and includes EAS logging.
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Audio snake cables

Nemal Electronics


This is a multichannel plenum-rated cable. Available in constructions of two to 24 pairs, all cables are UL-CL2P rated. SN1624PL contains 16 individually shielded and jacketed pairs with an overall jacket. The digital versions, (24XPL series), are also available in two to 24 pairs with color-coded conductors and no inner jackets. The new cables facilitate rapid and neat installation of systems requiring multiple audio pairs, and the discrete numbered individual jackets provide for easy and positive identification. Outer jackets are available in natural (standard) or other colors by special order. It can be ordered on 1,000' rolls or terminated to a customer's specifications.
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Power controller

Pulizzi Engineering


This high-current, 24A rated power controller saves rack space by offering 24A of power in 1RU. This eliminates the need for multiple power sources and concentrates the input at one high current source. The controller offers power control via Ethernet and direct serial communication ports for remote power control of critical systems. These integrated power control features allow the user to remotely reboot locked equipment or control system power from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Additional features such as power up/down sequencing limit inrush problems and provide user-configurable sequencing. This product uses the same Telnet and Web browser interfaces that other Pulizzi power controllers use. This allows the system to be connected to other power controllers for control of as many as 80 outlets at one IP address or using one single phone line. This unit also features local on and off control of each outlet for onsite maintenance.
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Audio software

Backbone Networks

Radio Pro Version 2:

Version 2.0 builds on the Backbone Radio Pro with several operating features such as standard rotation, image display, transfer and display of clip annotation, MPEG 4 encoding and streaming and clickable URLs on the free Quick Time player. Standard rotation permits station operators to automatically generate fresh radio playlists based on specified characteristics of the streaming audio clips, such as genre, priority and tempo. Each clip can be assigned to other time-based criteria, including start and stop time and date, time-of-day play and the rate at which priority of play decreases. Users create program playlist templates, which include a modifiable set of broadcast rules, such as those cited by the RIAA. Templates distinguish between clip types, whether songs, commercials or station identification, and automatically insert the semi-randomized clips that conform to the specified criteria.
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DT 770, 880, 990:

With its semi-open operating principle, the DT 880 completes the product range of the high-class headphones. The premium class headphone combines the strengths of open and closed headphones. The balanced reduction of environmental noise offers spherical sound, while the complete sound spectrum is reproduced in detail from the lowest bass to the highest frequencies. The DT 990 has been designed for listening without any stress. The DT 770 is a closed-designed headphone. Transducer technology combined with a unique bass reflex system results in a closed headphone with good sound over the frequency range with good reproduction of low frequencies.
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Analog phase-alignment tool

Little Labs

IBP (in-between phase):

The IBP eliminates the hollow sound when combining out-of-phase and partially out-of-phase audio signals. This tool allows engineers to put an audio signal in phase, when the mixing console's polarity button will not. Regardless of the audio source, audio signals will be put in phase quickly and easily. The product combines real-time, line-level phase control with audiophile quality. Additionally, its selectable instrument input stage uses the super-fidelity circuitry of the Multi Z DI and PCP Instrument Distro. The unit can be used as a direct box as well, providing easy adjustment between a direct and miked signal.
fax 323-851-6860

Automation system


Digital Weatherman:

The system includes the computer and the software. Optional weather sensors can be mounted outside and connect using a single standard modular telephone cord to the display console. The control interface to a station's automation is through a DB25 connector with an audio output provided on ?" stereo mini plug. This system creates a virtual meteorology staff. The software creates templates for different types of weathercasts that the system will assemble and speak over-and-over again, automatically. Templates can be changed at any time. Many different elements may be used to create each weathercast, including the voice, the forecast, which currents elements to use and in what order.
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Digital broadcast console



The console's digital audio I/O (four AES/EBU inputs, two S/PDIF inputs, two AES/EBU outputs, one S/PDIF output) supports 32kHz-96kHz sampling. The console offers 10 input-channel faders. Channels five through 10 are provided with an A/B input switching function. The four channels of microphone inputs are always connected to channels one through four. The remaining two line input channels, six stereo analog input channels, four AES/EBU input channels and two S/PDIF input channels can be routed to the A/B inputs of channels five through 10. The console can store these setups in its internal memory: 99 snapshots, nine projects (console settings) and 20 compressor presets. By connecting the console to an external PC via RS-232, snapshots and projects can be saved and loaded. With the password-protect function, certain items in the menu system are accessible to only specified users. There are two user levels, and the console differentiates the users by the password used to log in. Also, specified buttons can be locked out to prevent misoperation. If the digital system should malfunction, pressing the EMG button connects one mic path and one stereo line path to the program bus to feed the minimum audio signals to the main output.
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Digital mixing console

Soundcraft USA/BSS Audio


This is the digital version of the company's 328 production mixer. It features dynamics processing on every channel, group and mix path. It can function as a straightforward mixing console or be integrated to control DAWs and other equipment. The dynamics feature set includes a gate and compressor/limiter on every channel; configurable direct outputs, two high-resolution Lexicon effects processors, the ability to route effects to groups for recording and total status recall at power-up. Output formats include ADAT, TDIF, S/PDIF and AES/EBU.
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Digital composite link

Moseley Associates

Starlink Composite STL:

This STL provides a composite audio link with an RS-232 data channel. The system's S/N ratio is -85dB with 0.03 percent distortion. Stereo separation is greater than 65dB and provides a 20dB system gain advantage over analog composite STLs. The user can select 23 or 64 QAM with 16-bit linear audio. All modules are compatible with the SL9003Q. The front panel provides full metering and diagnostics.
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AMP1 Audio Monitor:

Available in a variety of configurations, the Amp1 series provides monitoring of two to 20 channels of audio with a stereo output. Some versions offer level metering and phase indication. Each has a self-powered audio monitor and occupies 1RU. Audio is focused in an ultra near field (1' to 3') working environment, providing a higher volume directly focused at the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and adjacent bay crosstalk. A headphone jack is provided, which automatically mutes the speakers. Output limiter circuits are incorporated to protect the speakers, and magnetic shielding allows placement immediately adjacent to video monitors with no color impurities.
888-5 WOHLER
fax 650-589-1355

Digital asset management

FastChannel Network

Asset Channel:

This digital asset management system offers systematic archiving of trafficked spots. This system's features include: all spots are viewable online and instantly downloadable via the Internet, all spots can be ordered for offline delivery on DVD, on-demand spot retrieval and online retrieval request, and the user can search by keyword or code. Other options include customizable sorting, indefinite storage capability and a large storage capacity. This service supports all popular formats including MPEG2 4:2:2 and MP3 audio.
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Rack-mount mixers

Crest Audio

XR-20 and XR-24:

These compact rack-mount mixers can be used in a wide range of applications including fixed installation, live sound reinforcement, project studio, production facilities and broadcast. Features include a combination of 12 mono and four stereo inputs (a total of 20 inputs), all with mic preamps and switched 48V phantom power capability. Each input channel offers four-band EQ with 18dB-per-octave high-pass filters on the mono input channels. Additionally, recording and studio-type features are included, such as insert points on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs and left, right and mono outputs. There are six aux buses, which are selectable pre- or post-fader in pairs. The XR-20s main outputs use XLR-type jacks and are switchable between mic and line. The XR-24 includes the same features as the XR-20 in a more production-oriented package featuring eight mono and eight stereo input channels � all feature mic preamps with 48V phantom power. This provides the flexibility for mixing eight stereo devices in with eight mono mic or line level signals.
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Mono STL

Marti Electronics


The new STL-20M transmitter and SR-20M receiver take advantage of a frequency-synthesized and power amplifier design to increase output power to 20W for long-range studio-to-transmitter links. The STL-20M transmitter/SR-20 receiver is Marti's second STL system to be introduced with the new design, following the introduction of Marti's STL-20C composite STL transmitter and SR-20C receiver. Audio frequency response is flat to 20kHz with less than 0.2 percent distortion. The transmitter is equipped with a wide-band amplifier that allows for front panel adjustment of transmitter power output.
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Differential oscilloscope probe

Pomona Electronics

Model 6731:

This probe is suited for taking floating voltage measurements with general-purpose oscilloscopes. Using a built-in differential amplifier, the floating signal is safely converted and scaled to a low-voltage signal referenced to earth ground. The probe is used on circuits associated with electronic high-power converters, motor speed controls, switching mode power supplies, and other high-voltage circuits requiring isolation. It features a switchable 20x or 200x attenuation, high impedance to ground for positive and negative inputs, a maximum differential voltage up to 1,000V, and eight-hour operating battery life with battery-condition light, shrouded banana test-probe tip and BNC and silicone cables with safety connectors.
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VHF Yagi antennas

Kathrein, Scala Division

YA7-155 and YA7-166:

Designed for use in VHF land mobile applications, these antennas are five-element, heavy-duty devices. Both antennas, rated for 7dBd of gain, are broadband, folded dipole designs. They cover from 150MHz-164MHz and 160MHz-174MHz respectively. No tuning is required, unlike gamma-matched antennas and all metal parts are dc-grounded.
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DC/AC Inverter

MGE UPS Systems

Topaz S4:

This scalable N+1 inverter system increases reliability and availability of ac power systems for mission-critical telecom and data applications. The S4 meets the rigorous NEBS standards, critical for zero-downtime applications. The -48Vdc S4 inverter offers paralleled synchronized operation while its N+1 redundancy is achieved with two or more units connected in parallel. To avoid any single points of failure, the compact dc/ac inverter uses redundant power modules that are hot swappable within its fast swap rack-mountable receiver cabinet. It also features a high-grade noise filter that limits ripple current on the battery and ensures that radiated and conducted EMI meet strict industry standards.
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Transmitter control

Ecreso - RFTS Broadcast S.A.

Neptune Central Unit:

The idea of this product is to control all parameters from the same box. This controller is Linux-based and uses a graphical interface with a color screen to access all modules of the transmitters. To start, follow the menu and enter power output level, frequency, alarm thresholds (3dB, VSWR, temperature module). The user has real-time graphical information on forward power, reverse power, VSWR, deviation and right and left audio. For each module the user can check the power, current, voltage and temperature. This unit offers various possibilities to communicate in distant mode: Telnet (Ethernet), access terminal (Ethernet), Web and e-mail. Three alarms can be detected: power out, VSWR and temperature.
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Fiber glass sound panels



This membrane trap absorbs low frequencies and offers some absorption at midrange and high frequencies. The metal and fiberglass panels are fire resistant. The manufacturer recommends using four to eight Minitraps in a room to solve most low frequency problems. MiniTraps measure 2' � 4' and are 3-�" thick. They weigh 16lbs.

Computer package

Scott Studios

Mark 10:

An improvement on the company's industrial backplane PC, the Mark 10 has dual redundant 300W hot-swappable power supplies, an Intel single-board computer with a Pentium processor, easy-change hard drives in slide-in canister mounts, built-in CD-R or DVD ROM writer for archiving music, spots, recordings, and a Ghost auto-restore ROM for quick transfer of software to a new hard drive if a replacement drive is needed.
fax 972-620-8811

Studio microphone


AT4040 Cardioid Condenser:

A versatile large-diaphragm mic, this product features a true condenser design, externally polarized, and uses transducer technology with surface-mount electronics and transformerless circuitry. The large-diaphragm element for the mic provides smooth, natural sonic characteristics with a wide dynamic range and the ability to handle high SPLs. The mic features a cardioid polar pattern and uses an aged, vapor-deposited-gold large-diaphragm capacitor element. A nickel-plated brass element baffle provides stability and sensitivity. The open acoustical environment of the symmetrical housing assembly minimizes unwanted internal reflections. In addition, the mic's two-micron-thick diaphragm provides reproduction of even the subtlest sounds without sacrificing high-frequency performance.
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Operating software


Version 5 System software:

In conjunction with the announcement of a new range of workstation products, Sadie introduced Version 5 System software as the core operating system at the heart of its products. The existing user interface has undergone a number of enhancements including some major changes to the cosmetic appearance of the mixer and playlist. New features include the provision of enhanced real-time DirectX support to enable users to access the vast range of third party software plug-in applications from companies such as Waves, TC Electronic and Antares. Standard Windows functions are now fully supported.
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Network-attached storage

Snap Appliance

Snap Server 4500:

This network-attached storage device occupies 1RU and provides cross-platform file sharing and backup. Powered by a Pentium 4 processor, the 4500 supports Active Directory Service (ADS), UNIX Network Information Service (NIS), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and either network or local backup for simple management in any environment.

Audio dynamics controller

TC Electronic

PT Level Pilot:

The P2 is a set and forget leveler and limiter. The P2 Level Pilot comes factory loaded with a host of international standard presets ensuring compliance to audio standards, maximum loudness, spectral balance and total level control. The presets can be used as is or tuned by a user. PC software provides detailed access to all parameters for editing and creating tailor-made presets. Settings can easily be cloned to other P2's. Custom defined multiple level lock functions and editing is possible.
fax 805-379-2648

Call director

Broadcast Tools

TS-6 Teleswitch 6:

This six-line telephone call director works with standard telephone lines, a standard telephone set and almost any telephone hybrid. It is sold with a controller and one work surface. An additional work surface may be added to the system. If full call screening is not required, a second hybrid may be connected. The Teleswitch 6 is supplied with one desk-top switch console and a 1RU controller, three additional switch consoles may be added to the system. Free Windows call screener software is available for download.
fax 360-854-9479

3.3V-compliant PCI audio cards


PCX822v2, PCX442, LCM440v2, VX822:

Added to the expanding line of sound cards that comply with the new 3.3V PCI bus standard, the PCX822v2, PCX442, LCM440v2 and VX822 provide multi-channel I/O for professional applications. The updated cards replace these existing cards: PCX822np, PCX440np, LCM440 and VX820. The new designs offer performance that equals or exceeds performance of the cards they replace.
fax 703-875-9161

Furniture system

Spacewise Broadcast Furniture


This furniture system was developed as an affordable and versatile alternative to editing and production equipment support. The components are made of quality wood. The system is shipped 90 percent assembled. Surfaces are covered with name-brand laminates in a variety of colors. The traditional system includes five modular furniture components including a top counter unit that can house a PC with dual monitors and has an overbridge. All edges are wood trim. The furniture offers wire and cable management and passive ventilation.
fax 480-704-6149

Digital audio codec

Musicam USA


This codec allows users to send and receive real-time audio, contact closures and ancillary data. The codec is self-contained in a 2RU chassis. Stereo analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs are standard. This codec can send and receive bi-directional audio via IP, ISDN and all types of dedicated data circuits. This product contains all of the popular coding algorithms, including G.711, G.722, MPEG 1 and 2 Layer II, and MPEG 1 and 2 Layer III for compatibility with older codecs. In addition, it provides MPEG 2 AAC and MPEG 4 AAC low-delay encoding for high audio performance at lower bit-rates. Featuring four large, bright LED VU meters and a large menu display, this codec is a flexible headphone monitoring system that allows users monitor send audio, receive audio or a blend of the two. The blend function is well suited to voice talents, who often need to monitor both ends of a session.
fax 732-739-1818

AM/FM IBOC signal generators

Broadcast Electronics

FSi-10 and ASi-10:

This third generation IBOC signal generator takes advantage of the ability of the FXi60 to accept a direct digital input and provide a combined analog FM and FM IBOC signal. All operating parameters are programmable from the front panel VGA touch screen. The generator accepts AES/EBU input and provides all signal conditioning needed for the analog and the digital portions of the signals for use in a high or low level combined system. Its output directly feeds the FXi60 or FXi250 digital FM exciters when fitted with the IBOC input option card. When configured properly, the AM version of this unit, the ASi-10, will also act as the digital signal generator for your AM IBOC system. The phase and amplitude output are fed directly into a solid state AM transmitter and with the addition of the proper audio processing, a station is ready to begin broadcasting digital AM.
fax 217-224-9607

Composite data/power cables


Brilliance Multi-Media Touch Panel Control cable:

These composite data/power cables are appropriate for analog or digital system controllers and are recommen-ded for all aspects of building management, including: PC, A/V and Internet integration; remote monitoring and control of building systems and security surveillance; equipment self-monitoring and maintenance alert; A/V system pre-programming; home theatre and entertainment systems; ambient lighting/window shade automation; lighting system controllers; and energy, environmental and climate control programming. The 1502R and 1502P two-pair composite cables are designed to be flexible. The data pairs offer noise immunity and are engineered and tested for 100O impedance. The signal and control pairs are rated at 300V and have a temperature rating of 750C. Each cable consists of a shielded data pair and an unshielded signal/control pair. The data pair in the riser-rated 1502R construction is comprised of two 22 AWG seven-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with foamed polyethylene (FPE) and shielded with a Beldfoil tape and a drain wire. The power pair has two 18 AWG 16-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with a flame-retardant PVC. The data pair is color-coded blue and white; the power pair is color-coded black and red. The overall PVC jacket is available in black, white or aqua.
fax 765-983-5294

USB audio/MIDI interface

Tascam/Teac Professional


The interface is designed as an affordable solution for musicians and recordists who need to send audio and MIDI to and from computers. It is a Mac and Windows compatible USB audio and MIDI interface. It features two XLR-based, phantom-powered mic inputs with analog inserts that allow hardware devices (compressors) to be placed into the recording signal chain. Two line-level inputs on balanced �" TRS jacks are included, and are switchable to guitar-level for direct instrument recording. Its two line-level outputs provide control for levels, and a ded-icated headphone output is also included. The interface also offers 16 channels of MIDI I/O for use with synthesizers and other MIDI equipment.
fax 323-727-7635

Remote transmitter

Marti Electronics


This wide-band, dual-frequency RPU transmitter can cover several VHF bands. Previous dual-frequency crystal-controlled designs were limited to frequency sets that were less than 2MHz apart. The transmitter uses an RF synthesizer design that allows frequency pairs to be up to 50MHz apart depending on the operating band. This design allows greater flexibility in a station's RPU system and precludes the need for multiple transmitters for spread frequencies. The SRPT-30 replaces the RPT-30 remote transmitter and provides a 20W to 30W output depending on the band selected.
fax 817-735-9340

Data patchbays


NPB 556:

With the increased need to route data within a facility, the NPB 556 provides a familiar patchbay feel to accommodate various uses. The unit features features 8, 16, 24 or 32 TT-style jacks on the front panel with a nine-pin D-sub or PPT back plane. All versions use low-capacitance internal wiring for maximum performance of transferring data. All standard units are available 1RU or 2RU sizes and are housed in a rugged, black epoxy-finished steel frame chassis. The standard RS data jackfield series offers multiple combinations of ports, rack heights and back panel terminations that can be used in applications that require flexible data patching. Custom ports and rack height combinations can be supplied.
fax 773-792-2129

Audio Router System


Z-256.256R Digital Detangler:

This product enables recording studios and post facilities studios to seamlessly integrate and reconfigure their digital audio workplace. The unit accommodates as many as 256 stereo/two-channel inputs routing in any combination to a total of 256 outputs. Asynchronous sources and destinations can be 24-bit AES/EBU or S/PDIF format, at sampling rates to 192kHz, and beyond. I/O crosspoint assignments can be selected via a dedicated serial port, using the firm's dedicated hardware remote or networked MacOS and Windows control software. The system is modular in increments of 16�16.
fax 352-371-0093

AM/FM tuner

Rolls Corporation


This tuner features 75O FM and 300O AM antenna inputs, stereo line-level RCA outputs, a variable tuning control and an AM, FM stereo and FM mono band select switch. An LED indicates when a station is locked, another indicates a stereo signal is present at the outputs. FM sensitivity T 30dB is less than 10uV. AM sensitivity at 20dB is less than 1mV/m. The unit operates on a 12Vdc power supply. The compact size makes it ideal for remotes, house PA or EAS decoder feeds.
fax 801-263-9068

Hand-held condenser microphone



The mic is a super-cardioid hand-held condenser mic that adapts to different applications. It features great sound via a broad smooth bandwidth, low distortion, and a wide dynamic range. The flexibility to adapt to different applications comes thanks to a low-frequency boost switch, which makes it possible to configure the mic as a classic sounding live vocal microphone or as a high performance studio microphone. In the roll-off configuration, the low end of the RE510 is tailored to compensate for proximity effect while the upper-mid frequencies offer a clear and natural response. When the mic is configured for studio mode, the low-end response is lifted so that the RE510 becomes a versatile instrument microphone, or it can be used when a performer needs to add warmth to his voice. The wide bandwidth and high SPL handling capability makes it equally at home micing an acoustic guitar, electric guitar amplifier, cymbals or even a kick drum. The configuration switch for changing from vocal to instrument mode is securely located beneath the ball screen and can't be changed inadvertently. Design features include a Warm Grip handle for reduced handling noise and a comfortable feel, a multistage pop-filter to virtually eliminate breath noise and a Memraflex grille for rugged durability.
fax 952-887-5588

Compact production mixer

Sound Devices


Developed specific-ally for field production audio applications, this mixer is useful for production companies wanting to take control of their audio. A compact and cost-effective battery-powered professional audio mixer, the key features include: large, 40-segment sunlight-viewable output level meters, channel-selectable microphone powering (48/12 V phantom and T-power), three microphone inputs with Lundahl input transformers, input limiters and software-selectable output limiters and headphone monitoring, including PFLs and MS stereo matrix.
fax 608-524-0655

Backup and storage media

EMTEC Pro Media

LTO Ultrium Tape:

Designed for digital audio backup and storage, four tape sizes accommodate various levels of projects. This product can store as much as 200GB of compressed data on a single tape. The tape formulation and shell are developed to the strict tolerances from the company's experience with the computer industry. Using a �" metal pigment tape, it offers fast data transfer rates and a minimum storage life of at least 30 years. Data transfer rates between 10MB/s to 40MB/s are possible.
fax 661-295-5554

Profanity delay


Arse! Delay:

Offering as long as 30 seconds of broadcast-quality, stereo delay and a whole range of new features, this profanity delay system is functional and simple to use. During a live program, the operator can control the entire system with just two buttons. This all-software PC accessory offers several features. The large, full-color display on the PC screen provides status information on the current level of delay, audio levels, mode and user options. Countdown clocks to cue points are also shown clearly on the screen. The system can be controlled with a mouse, using user-defined keyboard hotkeys, or using external keypads, which can be built into existing control surfaces in studio areas. Delay can be built in one of several ways: Using the delay-build function, which seamlessly builds the delay over a period of a few minutes with a dual-mode technology that is tailored for use in speech-only program segments, or for music and speech mixed segments. Alternatively, for a quicker build, this product can play filler audio direct from the PC's hard disk while the delay is gathered.
+44 121 256 0200
fax +44 121 256 5109;

Telephone hybrid

Sonifex Ltd


Replacing the HY-02, the HY-03 is an analog telephone hybrid that features fully automatic operation adapting to varying line conditions with automatic signal limiting, local and remote line hold switching, integrated auto-answer after a pre-determined number of rings, a balanced mic/line input, low impedance balanced output with output gain adjustment, line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold providing low distortion and clear audio. It also can provide an output mix of the caller and the mic/line input signals for situations where both sides of the conversation need to be recorded.
fax 207-773-2422

Digital audio processor


Optimod 8400HD FM:

This on-air processor provides dual outputs from a single control setup. The two outputs can be used to feed an analog transmitter with the necessary pre-emphasis and a digital transmission path without pre-emphasis. Audio path elements include AGC, stereo enhancement, equalization and multiband compression/limiting. Ver. 2.0 software adds low-delay processing on all presets, plus improved DSP algorithms that increase punch and presence. Existing 8400s can be upgraded with both ver. 2.0 software and the IBOC capability.
fax 510-351-0500

RF terminators

Altronic Research

Omegaline 6606 and 6612:

These are convection-cooled terminators for 50 O coaxial transmission line systems. Manufacturers of transmitters, microwave components and power tubes, as well as transmitting stations can be assured of ideal dummy load conditions during designing, testing, adjusting and aligning of transmitters or components. The rugged, precision-designed configuration of the 6600 series provides reliability, serviceability, safety, convenience and economy well-suited for today's modern RF application. The terminators are useful for IBOC applications, ac power is not required and silver contacts on special film resistors eliminate resistor failure.
fax 870-449-6000

Safety system


D-TEC Emergency Bypass System:

This product allows operators to override the company's D-TEC ac field detection system during rare occurrences of communication malfunctions or false trips. Benefits of the system include operator safety and enhanced success in delivering live transmissions from the field. The safety system provides ac field detection, object proximity detection, tilt sensor detection and above the mast illumination. D-TEC also features a built-in anticollision system that automatically stops mast extension, providing added protection for the operator and equipment from overhead hazards. The system features a spring-loaded key switch and two spring-loaded push button switches that are located in different positions. This ensures that two personals evaluate an area for a safe mast extension before the system is activated. Once activated, an audible siren turns on followed by an English and Spanish verbal warning announcement stating that the operators are about to override a safety system.
fax 330-684-1190

Sample rate and format converter


Ultramatch Pro SRC2496:

A successor of the Ultramatch SRC2000, the SR2496 features full 24-bit/96kHz compatibility and a full A/D and D/A conversion option. This unit to converts digital audio signals between devices with different sample rates, formats or interfaces, disables SCMS for 1:1 digital copies and removes dropouts or jitter from digital media. Simultaneously operable outputs offer a signal splitter function. I/O formats include AES/EBU and S/PDIF (coaxial and optical connectors). Input sample rates from 30kHz to 100kHz can be converted to output sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz with selectable 16-, 20- or 24-bit output resolution. Universal sample rate synchronization via wordclock or digital input is guaranteed, and parallel A/D and D/A conversion is possible with identical sample rates.
fax 425-673-7647

Eight-channel mic preamp

LA Audio


This compact, 1RU unit features eight high-quality mic preamplifiers, developed from the mic preamp design used in the ASP8024 recording console and the Aztec Live Performance console. All channels include XLR input, 48V phantom power, switchable input impedance, 25Hz to 250Hz high-pass filter, phase reverse and line input selection. Channels one and two also feature a 20dB attenuator and a high impedance instrument/DI input on a front-panel jack. LEDs provide indication of signal present and overload. A digital output option is available in addition to the standard balanced analog outputs.
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Line of FM transmitters

Crown Broadcast


Featuring digital monitoring and control plus a remote management option, these transmitters make managing and monitoring transmitter performance easier. One control knob and an easy-to-read display allow for full management. Select from menus to make readings or adjustments. The Remote Management System allows the user to use his phone to stay apprised of transmitter performance and make changes to essential performance parameters. The RMS will call the user if there is a significant fault. The user can also monitor other remote site functions such as HVAC, tower lighting, STL status and security status via digital, analog and relay-type connections. These transmitters are currently available in power levels of 30W, 100W, 250W, 1kW and 2kW.