PURE Designs New Series of DAB Radios From Listener Feedback

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PURE Designs New Series of DAB Radios From Listener Feedback

Sep 2, 2014 2:22 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

KINGS LANGLEY. ENGLAND�Pure has introduced the �Pop'' product family - digital radios, with new industrial designs, specifically for the needs of radio listeners.

The Pop series designs are based on numerous surveys of radio listeners: all essential design features of the Pop-devices are derived from studies of how people want to use and operate their radios. Many of the interviewed Pure radio listeners wanted faster access to radio content; therefore, numerous operating functions are implemented in a single wheel button on top of the case. Listeners can use the wheel to simply turn on their radio, and the unit will automatically return to the last station and the last set volume. Simple presets allow quick switching of the frequency.

Because a small footprint and excellent sound were on the listener wish-lists, the Pure series has a particularly compact, minimalist appearance. The �Pop Mini'' and �Midi Pop'' have for their size on an excellent mono sound, but the flagship �Pop Maxi'' offers full stereo for FM, digital radio or for streaming playback via Bluetooth.

A few of the other listener-requested design features of the Pop family are the large and easy-to-read clock and scrolling text display, as well as power flexibility. �Pop'' radios can be operated from 120 VAC, or with batteries.

The Pop Mini has been designed for minimal space on the kitchen table or on the bedside table; the Pop Midi is ideal for all rooms in the house as well as for listening to music in the garden. The Pop Maxi is twice as large as Midi, but provides stereo and comes with Bluetooth as standard, allowing users to stream music from any smartphone directly, in the house as well as outdoors. Prices range from a MSRP of 99.99 � up to � 149.99; the devices will be available from selected specialist electronics retailers, and from Pure directly. The Pop Midi will be introduced in September and the the rest of the family later this year.


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