Radial Debuts Five Products at AES 2015

139th AES Convention wrapped up Nov. 1
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VANCOUVER, B.C.�Attendees who stopped by the Radial Engineering booth during for AES 2015 got to see a quintet of new products from the Canada-based company. Products included a Bluetooth direct box, microphone preamps and signal boosters, and more.

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The BT-Pro is a Bluetooth direct box that is designed to capture the wireless transmission from a Bluetooth enabled device and convert the signal to a balanced line to be used in PA systems. With top-side antennae there is reduced interference and is able to allow reception distances up to 50 feet. The BT-Pro will ship starting in November at a starting price of $229.99

Radial also displayed the mPress and Exo-Pod broadcast press kit. The mPress is a press audio distribution system that features two mic inputs, 48V phantom and overload limiter and eight built-in XLR outputs for mic level recorders. The mPress serves as the master host for the complete mPress configuration, with the Exo-Pods as the external slaves. The mPress feeds the Exo-Pods external distro boxes for more than 100 simultaneous feeds. The mPress will be available starting in January 2016, with a main unit price of $1,500 and $250 for each Exo-Pod.

The company also showcased a pair of microphone add-ons, the Jensen Twin Servo and McBoost. The Jensen Twin Servo is a microphone preamp that is designed to eliminate capacitors and combine two 990 op-amps with two Jensen transformers for wide bandwidth. The McBoost is a microphone signal booster; the phantom powered class-A FET can raise the output of a mic by up to 15dB and is ideally suited for low-output dynamics. The Jensen Twin Servo will begin shipping in November at $999.99. The McBoost is currently available for $199.99

Lastly, Radial unveiled the Catapult four channel audio snake. The unit allows users to send analog and AES digital audio signals over standard cat-5 shielded twisted pair cable. The Catapult comes in six configurations, with three input modules and three output modules. Each input module features four XLR inputs with two Neutrik Ethercon outputs and four additional XLR outputs. Output modules feature Ethercon input, throughput and two sets of XLR outputs. The Catapult is expected to ship in December; pricing has yet to be determined.