Radio Systems Consoles Used in "The Accidental Husband"

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Radio Systems Consoles Used in "The Accidental Husband"

Dec 24, 2009 1:05 PM

Logan Township, NJ - Dec 24, 2009 - Radio Systems Millenium consoles are prominently featured in Sony Pictures' "The Accidental Husband." Co-starring with the consoles are actors Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The plot surrounds a NY talk-show host (Thurman) whose love doctor advice gets her accidentally married to someone other than her fiance.

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Uma Thurman "on the air" at the Radio Systems Millenium console.

Radio Systems was contracted to build the fictitious WZPZ talk studios, thus continuing its movie career, which includes previously working with Jodie Foster and Kelsey Grammer.

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