RadiOhio Automation Core Goes Virtual With ENCO

ENCO1 deployed for Columbus, Ohio stations
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SOUTHFIELD, Mich.� RadiOhio has deployed ENCO�s ENCO1 servers to its AM and FM radio stations in Columbus, Ohio, to virtualize the broadcaster�s automation core.

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ENCO1 is a fault-tolerant virtualized system specific to radio automation environments. With its reliable and scalable design, ENCO1 can replace a number of workstations and servers across a facility, leveraging IP audio technologies to operate virtualized ENCO DAD automation systems. RadiOhio�s six studios and four edit suites have been able to replace studio hardware, redundant power supplies and reduce 25RU of rack space to 4RU in the technical core since transitioning to ENCO1.

The ENCO1 system also sends GPIO, serial, UDP and other commands between the machines over the same networked architecture for flexibility and offers transition between various satellite networks. It can also automatically upload set playlists and route switching and logic commands into the IP audio network.

ENCO is a playout and automation systems provider for radio and TV organizations.