RadioNovelli Makes a Very Modern Radio Receiver

The new radio with a “retro” look is a receiver for FM, AM, DAB and streaming via the internet using its internal 4G Android device
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ROME — “Something we thought is becoming extinct is making a comeback. It’s the humble radio.” So begins this short article about a new tabletop radio made by RadioNovelli

Rarely do we talk about actual receiver hardware — but as a Radio mag reader, you need to know about this.

The new radio with a “retro” look is a receiver for FM, AM, DAB and streaming via the internet using its internal 4G Android device. RadioNovelli has “left no stone unturned to ensure the new high-tech radio captures the imagination of the digital generation and also those who have grown up listening to the classic radio.”

Some of its other modern features include:

  • It includes a 7-inch touchscreen — and users can do almost everything they do with an Android device.
  • The Artist Mode makes it possible for the user to request content to listen to or view on the net or from the radio stations that partner with RadioNovelli.
  • The Continuous Artist button activates a series of links from across radio stations that are transmitting songs of the same artist you are listening to. It even lists the artist’s songs on Youtube.
  • RadioNovelli’s partnership with Gracenote enables the listener to get all details of the artist such as the album, lyrics, or play other content of the same artist like videos or even movies.

The design has an antique feel, which should be familiar to former users of “old big radio boxes.” The device also plays DVDs and CDs.

The radio also supports use of Skype using the seven inch screen; a webcam sits right on the front of the radio and all the user has to do is to select the app, such as Skype or Duo, and start a video conference.

“At the first glance and for those who have never seen a radio, it could be funny to find huge old-fashioned volume and other knobs next to a modern display,” the same article goes on. “But looking at the features, the modern RadioNovelli has great potential.”

RadioNovelli says the new 4G radio will revolutionize the world of entertainment and the broadcasting sector: When advertisements are played on the radio, the advertiser will be able to display a button on the screen that allows the user to purchase the advertised product.

And finally, check this out: The radio was launched commercially on May 7 on Amazon (though I couldn’t find it on and on