Ramsey Electronics PXB Series

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Ramsey Electronics PXB Series

Aug 2, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

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50W FM station in a box

LPFM and FM licensees often need a way to quickly get on the air at either temporary field locations or in the interim to their installed studio transmitter locations. Each PXB is factory prewired and tested, and ready to go on the air the moment it is received. The compact PXB5006D1 is specifically designed for standard domestic use or at other locations where the primary power is 110/120VAC, 60Hz. If you are looking for an export version designed for 230VAC, 50Hz overseas use, order the PXB5006E1. Features include 50W RF output continuous duty, five-input stereo audio mixer, CD and MP3 playback, CD-R record, cassette playback and record, two dynamic mics, stands and cables, 3.4dB gain omnidirectional antenna and cable, and FCC certified under parts 2, 73 and 74.

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