RCS Launches New Version of Gselector

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RCS Launches New Version of Gselector

Oct 2, 2007 10:08 AM

White Plains, NY - Sep 24, 2007 - RCS has released Gselector version 3.5, the latest version of its scheduling program. This new release is credited as being the brainchild of early Gselector users and programmers and their wish list for added features and functions.

Gselector 3.5 allows notes and scripts to be associated with any song, with any link or any song or link attribute. In addition to song notes, link notes and artist notes, users can access producer notes, theme notes, category notes, composer notes and more. Gselector notes can also be scheduled

Other version enhancements include:

  • Dynamic Statistics in the Browse and Editor: Calculations update immediately as items are filtered or a schedule is edited.
  • Backup/Restore Enhancements: There are new options to backup the entire database or one or more individual stations.
  • Filter by Research Scores and Dates: Filter any song browse according to dates and results of music testing using new research scores and research dates nodes of the filter.
  • Research Attribute Cut-Off: When a research score date exceeds the designated number of days, the associated Research Score will no longer affect any related Research Attributes.
  • Research Becomes Global: Research columns and attributes are global; create browse formats containing fields that can be immediately shared across stations.
  • Merge Browse Lists: New option to merge the current list with an existing saved browse list.
  • Spread Goal Dampening for Overdue Song or Link: Optional adjustment mechanism that gradually increases an attribute's spread score when an element is overdue to play.
  • Interface with Selector XV: Selector 15.1.6 has been added as an option in the Interface/Import window.