RCS Releses GSelector 3.17

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RCS Releses GSelector 3.17

Mar 23, 2011 3:43 PM

White Plains, NY - Mar 22, 2011 - RCS has released GSelector 3.17 to add more tools to the music scheduler. Enhancements include an advanced mode for the History Maps, which shows quarter-hour plots for songs or links, artists, vocalists and artist groups simultaneously. Also implemented are legacy Selector options for time ranges spanning multiple days. Select block, wrap or grid to give precise control over how date ranges are interpreted and applied in all date-dependent areas of GSelector.

Included is a new feature in the Scheduled and Unscheduled grids that displays the Publication Status of each hour in the log window. This is particularly useful in enterprise settings where multiple people contribute to the evolution of GSelector schedules. Now all workstations automatically update to show changes in status.

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