RDL (Radio Design Labs) D Series-HA1A, D-TPSL1A

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RDL (Radio Design Labs) D Series-HA1A, D-TPSL1A

Dec 18, 2013 7:45 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Distributed audio systems
The D Series-HA1A is a two-pair receiver and audio headphone amplifier compatible with RDL Format A twisted-pair products. Each -HA1A receives stereo audio and 24Vdc power through a rear-panel RJ-45 jack fed from a Format-A sender. The left and right audio signals received on pairs B and C of the twisted pair cable are amplified and fed to the left and right channels of the output 3.5 mm mini-jack. The D-TPSL1A is the first product in the Format-A system to offer users both a stereo mini-jack and stereo RCA jack input in a single unit. Inputs may be connected using either the mini-jack input or the RCA jacks. Whichever input is used, the left and right channels will be summed to mono. The D-TPSL1A drives only one of the three available cable pairs. Audio signals and power on the remaining cable pairs are passed through. Therefore, two other single-pair mic-input or line-input senders may be chained with the D-TPSL1A, or a single two-pair sender may be connected. If three single-pair senders are connected on the same cable, each sender must feed a different pair: A, B or C. The power pair and all three audio pairs are fed through both rear-panel RJ-45 jacks.

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