RDL (Radio Design Labs) RU-ASX4D, RU-ASX4DR

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RDL (Radio Design Labs) RU-ASX4D, RU-ASX4DR

Jun 19, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, managing editor

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Stereo audio selectors
The RU-ASX4D and RU-ASX4DR are four-channel stereo audio source selectors designed for silent switching of line-level audio signals. The RU-ASX4D can be operated from local front-panel pushbuttons and/or from remote controls. A front-panel local/remote switch can be configured to lock out remote controls when this switch is in the local setting. The RU-ASX4DR is designed for remote operation only. An on-board VCA allows for remote level control of the output by using a D-RLC10K for single point control or D-RLC10 where multiple control points are required. Remote control of source selection on either product can be accomplished from one or more locations with the use of the D-RC4M remote control, the D-RCS4 for sequential selection or from a momentary closure to ground.

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