RF Venue Releases Second Generation Optix System

Platform allows remote placement of wireless audio antennas
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ASHLAND, Mass.�The second generation of RF Venue�s Optix system is here, according to the audio manufacturer. The recently updated system is now available and offers an RF-over-fiber platform that allows the remote placement of wireless audio antennas using single-mode fiber optic cable.

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Optix features two modules, a transmitter placed at the remote antenna site and a receiver at the rack of FOH location. Each module features new components, connectors and enclosures designed to improve performance. Among these are female BNC connectors for all RF/antenna connections, and ST/UPC optical connectors for fiber-optic cable connections. Additional signal and power indicator lights have also been installed.

Both modules include DC power supplies. They are also mounted in identical enclosures for flexibility in rack deployments. RF Venue is also offering a package that includes two of each module for the distribution of diversity antenna systems.

OPTX1 (single channel) is available for $799 and the OPTX2 (dual/diversity channel) is available for $1,599.