Rohde & Schwarz Offers AM/FM/HD Radio Signal Generators

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Rohde & Schwarz Offers AM/FM/HD Radio Signal Generators

Nov 3, 2008 8:24 AM

Munich - Oct 31, 2008 - Rohde & Schwarz is offering automotive radio manufacturers broadcast signal generators that support both HD Radio technology and AM/FM/RDS. Two new options from Rohde & Schwarz now offer automotive suppliers a test system to develop and produce suitable receivers. In addition, car manufacturers can use these options to perform functional tests.

The range of broadcast signal generators includes the R&S SFE100 test transmitter, the R&S SFE broadcast tester and the R&S SFU broadcast test system. The R&S SFU-K357 option generates test signals for HD Radio. The R&S SFU-K357 consists of an ARB waveform library plus a large number of test vectors with different transmission parameters and contents such as test tones, PRBS and live audio sequences. The library contains AM and FM HD Radio test signals for analog, digital and hybrid operation. The option allows users to perform all prescribed measurements for the specific terminal equipment.

The R&S SFU-K170 AM/FM/RDS option is a real-time coder that generates signals for analog audio broadcasting. The R&S SFU-K170 supports long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave AM and FM stereo broadcasting. In FM mode, the signal for the RDS digital data service can also be added. The audio signal is generated by the integrated AF generator so all the functions required for signal generation are provided by a single instrument. Alternatively, the signal can be supplied from an external source.