Roland Announces New Software Version for M-5000

Version 1.101 offers new M-48 Personal Mixing management functions
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LOS ANGELES � Roland has launched a new software update, version 1.101, for the M-5000 O.H.R.C.A. live mixing console. Version 1.101 equips the M-5000 with new M-48 Personal Mixing management and GP I/O functions.

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The M-48 provides 40 channels that are mixed as 16 stereo groups to each musician via a cat5/6e cable and allows each musician to control their own mix. With version 1.101 software, setup and control of each M-48 comes directly from the M-5000. The software update also allows users to set up two monitor mix zones using REAC A and REAC B ports; an Engineer Monitor function; and the ability to store up to 16 presets on each M-48.

The 1.101 software update also includes GP I/O control using peripherals like foot switches or touch panels from contact closure inputs. On outputs, the M-5000 can send up to 12 GP I/O commands for fader, scene recall and user button control.

The new version 1.101 software is now available for download on Roland�s Pro AV site.