RTW Expands TM3 Series Availability

TouchMonitor series now available as a RTW Premium Series product
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MARINA BAY SANDS, Singapore � During the Broadcast Asia 2015 show, RTW has premiered the new firmware version 3.5 for TM3 TouchMonitor series. With the software upgrade, the TM3 series is now a Premium Series product and is available at varying prices.

Previously only available as part of RTW�s Smart Series of products, TM3�s inclusion to the Premium Series allows users to access RTW�s full line of custom-order software instrument licenses. TM3 devices available in the RTW bundle include TM3-2CH (TM3-SWB1), TM3-6CH (TM3-SWB2) and TM3-3G 8CH (TM3-SWB3).

TM3, TM3-6CH and TM3-3G still fall under the Smart Series units, but version 3.5 allows the software bundles to be purchased as a license upgrade for activating all licenses and for expanding the completed feature set with the new Loudness Chart instrument.�