RTW Updates Software for Surround Monitors and Controls

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RTW Updates Software for Surround Monitors and Controls

Aug 31, 2009 10:39 AM

Cologne, Germany - Aug 31, 2009 - RTW has released a software upgrade for its flagship Surround Control 31900/31960 and Surround Monitor 11900. The upgrade adds new functions such as channel identification in 5.1 surround signals, and implementation of current ITU loudness-measuring specifications for single and summed signals.

The RTW Surround Control 31900/31960 and Surround Monitor 11900 are eight-channel integrated systems that provide extensive monitoring and control features for surround and multichannel signals in professional production, post-production and broadcast environments.

ID procedures such as BLITS (Black and Lane's Identification Tones for Surround) were initially developed to detect and fix unwanted channel mix-ups that can take place with multichannel surround programs in complex setups. The RTW Surround Control and Surround Monitor units offer analysis functions for evaluating incoming ID sequences as well as a flexible internal signal generator that produces appropriate signal clusters in BLITS, GLITS (Graham's Line Identification Tone System), or EBU 3304 formats for routing to analog (31900/31960 only) or digital system outputs.

Surround Control and Surround Monitor's integrated ID analyzer also detects latencies between channels, phase shifts and polarity and level differences.

The current software version is available for download at www.rtw.de/Download_Update_SurroundControl_E.html.

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