Rycote Hits a Home Run With the Baseball

Windscreen aims to take the swoosh out of the boom
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WALLINGFORD, Conn. � Though it looks more like a gray tennis ball than a baseball, the Baseball from Rycote is a new windscreen option.

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The company says it is designed for use with boom microphones to prevent annoying �swooshes� that come from moving the boom too fast.

The inside of the Baseball is made of open-cell foam and an open cavity. It is fitted with a soft though durable plastic/rubber thermoplastic elastomer end-cap that secures the Baseball on the mic and provides an effective seal against wind.

It is available in two sizes � 19/20 millimeter for the DPA 4018, Sennheiser MKH 8050 and Schoeps CMC641 long supercardioid microphones and the 24/25 millimeter for the Sennheiser MKH 50.

It would be fun to see a larger version that fit a standard interview mic or a studio mic. They would be ideal for sports stations and programming � especially those with visual radio programs.�