Sandies Acquires Dynamax

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Sandies Acquires Dynamax

Sep 21, 2007 2:12 PM

Fairless Hills, PA - Sep 21, 2007 - LPB Communications has sold the Dynamax MX series of consoles to Sandies, which will now handles sales and service of the products.

Popular with small- to medium-market radio stations, since 1991, the Dynamax consoles were originally a Fidelipac product manufactured in Moorestown, NJ. The original Fidelipac design was styled after the original Broadcast Audio console manufactured in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Sandies is operated by Dave Strode, who has worked with Fidelipac and LPB for a number of years. He started his manufacturing career in 1985 when he completed his service in the US Navy. Beginning as a bench tech on the Fidelipac cart machine line he progressed through supervisor, manager, sales and marketing. As the Dymanax product line was sold to various owners, Strode stayed with the product.

Contact information for Sandies:
225 Lincoln Highway, Suite 167
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
215-547-2570, fax 215-701-9197