Satellite Radio Sees First Interoperable Receiver

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Satellite Radio Sees First Interoperable Receiver

Jan 9, 2009 9:40 AM

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The Sirius XM Mirge interoperable radio

New York - Jan 8, 2009 - Sirius XM Radio unveiled Mirge, the first interoperable satellite radio. The radio has a suggested list price of $250 and is scheduled to be available in early spring 2009.

The satellite radio provider also announced that its Sirius Everything plus XM Everything package will be available at a monthly cost of $19.99, which is less expensive than paying for two individual subscriptions.

The Mirge can display a real-time programming guide, pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of live programming, alert listeners to favorite artists and songs that are playing on another channel of the active service with Tuneselect, and track the latest scores and update on stock while listening to live programming. The receiver includes an interoperable vehicle antenna, vehicle dock, vehicle power adapter, cassette adapter, aux in cable, vent and adhesive mount and remote control. The radio can be moved from the car to the home with optional accessories.