Saudi Broadcast Corporation Chooses Ampegon

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Saudi Broadcast Corporation Chooses Ampegon

Sep 14, 2014 4:19 PM

AMSTERDAM�Saudi Broadcast Corporation, Saudi''s national broadcaster, has contracted Ampegon through First Gulf Company to renew their radio transmission site in Riyadh.

Ampegon will deliver four 500 kW shortwave transmitters, four shortwave antennas HRS 4/4/0.5 and the BroadMaster broadcast control system. These will replace existing analog transmitters with four tubes by modern analog/digital transmitters having single high power tube amplification and hence a much better overall efficiency.

Saudi Broadcast Corporation selected FGC''s proposal with Ampegon due to FGC''s ability to handle large projects along with Ampegon sysstem''s reliability, according to SBC. Ampegon had supplied several antenna and transmission systems in the past and feels honored to once again show presence in Saudi Arabia.

The transmitters will be manufactured in Turgi, Switzerland. Factory tests with SBC engineers are planned for autumn and shipments will begin before end of 2014. The new systems are expected to be on air in summer 2015.

Ampegon has also introduced a new product line of shortwave transmitters; it has updated the transmitter control system, the motor drive tuning system and the measurement acquisition system.

The new transmitter control system features Unified Control System with embedded PC and FPGA technology to enable network-based communication including remote control from a LAN environment. A safety control system is fully integrated and accessible on the Graphical User Interface. The UCS system is extendable, and the new transmitters have an integrated DRM modulator and an RF exciter, analog and digital audio signal inputs but fully digital processing. Demodulated signals are available for measuring and monitoring purposes.

The new design of motor drives features the latest DC motor technology, which enables faster and more accurate positioning of the transmitter tuning circuits with full digital control. It is robust but accurate for an RF environment and guarantees reproducible tuning results. This leads to fully automated frequency changes supporting the broadcaster.

In order to achieve the required measurements, the simplified acquisition system captures measurements in real time for data display, data logging and data analysis. Electronic sensors for the measurement and supervision of auxiliary equipment are integrated in the control system and are accessible on the transmitter''s GUI. The data support secures low and efficient maintenance and reduces spare parts requirements. It includes a simplified cooling water distribution with pipes and fittings made of stainless steel.

The Ampegon brand was established in autumn 2012 to merge the former Thomson Broadcast and newly acquired companies in one group. The group consists of Ampegon AG, Turgi (Switzerland), Ampegon Antenna Systems GmbH, Schifferstadt (Germany) and Ampegon PPT GmbH, Dortmund (Germany) with sales and service offices in China, Australia, UK and Nigeria.