Shure BRH Headset

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Shure BRH Headset

Jun 11, 2012 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Broadcast headset
The BRH Headsets are designed specifically for broadcast and media production applications. They provide exceptional audio quality, comfort, and durability to meet the increasing demands of field production professionals. The BRH31M single-sided lightweight broadcast headset - for interchangeable wear on the left or right side - is a closed-back, supra-aural headset with an ultra-lightweight design. The BRH440M dual-sided broadcast headset is a closed-back, circumaural headset that offers sound isolation from background noise. The BRH441M single-sided broadcast headset - versatile for wear on the left or right side - also offers sound isolation from background noise, while keeping one ear open to the surrounding environment.

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