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Sep 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Do you remember?

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The Pro-Deejay from Broadcast Equipment and Supply Co. was an in-studio or remote broadcast production system. For sale around 1974, the unit included two Russco three-speed 12" turntables with sync motors, two Shure M44-7 pickup cartridges, a Sennheiser HD-414 lightweight headphone, a Shure M67 mic mixer, a Shure M675 production master and more.

The M67 offered four low-impedance microphone inputs or three microphone and one 600ohm line inputs. The M67 also provided a built-in 1kHz tone oscillator. A cue and monitor amplifier was built-in on the M675. The M67 and M675 operated on 110Vac or a self-contained battery pack with automatic switchover in case of ac line failure.

That was then

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This photo, taken by Station Engineer Bill Parker in 1952, is of the WHKC control room in Columbus, OH. Shown in the photo is a custom-built console by the United Broadcasting Company. The console featured five monitor amplifier outputs that were mounted separately in relay racks. Four program monitor speakers were mounted, just out of view in the photo, overhead in a cabinet. The nine control knobs across the top of the console are (from left to right) program master, channels one and two; monitor volume controls 1 through 5; and program master, channels three and four. Channel selection was possible by the push keys just above the faders. These faders were made by Tech Lab and were type BT214, bridged tee configuration with 600O in and out at 2dB per step. A microswitch was situated in the bottom of each fader and actuated as the knob was turned on to actuate the speaker mute and on-air lights.

Sample and Hold

What is your primary source for listening to music?

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Source: Paragon Media Strategies, August 2005. Numbers may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding.