Sonifex Show New Telephone Hybrids at IBC

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Sonifex Show New Telephone Hybrids at IBC

Aug 29, 2014 1:21 PM

NORTHANTS, ENGLAND�Sonifex will show two new hybrids on stand 8.E61 at IBC: the DHY-04 and the DHY-04G automatic digital hybrids. These products both have AES/EBU and analog autosensing I/O together with an Ethernet port for control and configuration.

The DHY-04 telephone hybrid is a redesign of the existing DHY-03, the best quality telephone hybrid in the world, with 76dB typical line balance rejection offering performance and clear audio. It features auto answer, auto disconnect and auto ducking, adapting to line conditions with echo cancellation.

The DHY-04 has the features of the DHY-03 plus some more. The front panel has four front panel speed-dial buttons for dialing internally preset phone numbers and a Redial button for redialing the last number. The audio input is an auto-sensing combined analog or AES/EBU XLR input, accepting sample rates up to 24 bit/96kHz. The output is configurable as analog or AES/EBU. There is an Ethernet port for remote configuration via a browser GUI and this also provides remote dialing, line hold control and the ability to generate SNMP Traps for SNMP management systems. Additionally the DHY-04 has DTMF dial tone recognition for reporter remote access; a journalist can dial into the unit, which can recognize a pre-programmed DTMF numeric password to automatically connect the journalist on-air.

The DHY-04G is a digital GSM hybrid which has all features of the DHY-04 but uses a quad-band 2G/GSM cellular connection instead of an analog POTS line, converting the GSM call to the 4 wire audio signal to and from a connected mixing console.

The DHY-04G has some additional front panel indicators. There are two LEDs, one for SIM enabled and one for GSM Network availability. There is also a push button that allows the GSM signal level to be displayed on the meter LEDs.