Sonifex to Show Flashlog 8 at IBC 2014

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Sonifex to Show Flashlog 8 at IBC 2014

Sep 4, 2014 2:02 PM

NORTHANTS, ENGLAND� As part of Sonifex''s acquisition of Australian broadcast audio manufacturer/distributor Innes Corp., the company now has the rights to the Flashlog audio logger.

The new V8 Flashlog can be configured to log multiple IP streams using Sonifex Auricon and Digitorc sound cards, IP based line inputs (Axia or Wheatstone), radio capture cards and Internet radio streams. It comes in a rugged, 4U chassis and can continuously log up to two years of broadcasts. It can perform compliance logging, air checking, content reuse and the monitoring of competitors.

It is customizable and able to record up to 64 stereo line channels, 32 stereo FM stations, 32 AM stations, 4 DAB+ ensembles and 32 internet radio streams with the number of logging days independently set for each line, DAB+ ensemble, internet stream, AM or FM channel. The software can log up to 32 Internet streams using Shoutcast, Icecast and RTMP protocols. It supports MP3 and HE-AAC audio encoding and also records metadata.

An optional software driver supports up to sixteen stereo Axia Livewire inputs and playback outputs and also up to sixteen stereo Wheatstone WheatNet inputs and playback outputs.

Additional features include the ability to increase or decrease the number of logging days on each line, AM, FM channel or DAB ensemble; full Unicode support; SNMP and FM RDS decoding; SNMP reporting of RDS RadioText and DAB DLS text, as well as DAB MOT and DLS status; MP3 option when saving audio segments; dynamic calendar control.

It can be sold as software or built into a PC rack.