Sonifex to Unveil PTP Grandmaster Clock at IBC 2015

Product can be used with the Ravenna networks
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NORTHHAMPTONSHIRE, England�After joining the Ravenna group three years ago, Sonifex has announced that it will unveil its new AVN-GMC PTPv2 grandmaster clock, for use in the Ravenna networks, at IBC 2015.

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In order for IEEE 1588 PTP to synchronize all nodes within a network, a node must serve as a master clock to distribute time packets to others. That is what the AVN-GMC is designed to do, acting as a GPS receiver and enabling sub micro second synchronization between nodes. Ravenna then uses the PTP time stamping to achieve distribution of audio across a network.

The AVN-GMC uses a combination of a GPS receiver, a PLL and a specialist on-board clock device to create the precise, low jitter clock signals to drive the physical transceiver�s time stamping circuitry. The on-board clock is available in three different types: TCXO, temp controlled; OXCO, oven controlled; and CSAC, chip scale caesium atomic clock.

Clock outputs can be used to provide media clocks for external equipment local to the AVN-GMC in both its �master� and �slave� states. Clock outputs are available as AES-3id and word clock at 32, 44.1, 48, 96, 176.4, and 192kHz. A variable PPS output is also available to provide an external clock accurate to the PTP system timing. A separate clock input can act as an alternative reference source to GPS.

The unit can be configured using the built-in webserver or front panel LCD display. Front panel LEDs show the synchronization status, GPS lock and the status of the AC and DC power supply inputs.

For more information, check out the Sonifex booth, 8.E61, at IBC 2015.