Soundfield Research Ltd. X-1

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Soundfield Research Ltd. X-1

Sep 12, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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Audio upmix and downmix processor

For 5.1 to stereo upmix and downmix transmission, X-1 is housed in a compact 1RU hardware box. The X-1 utilizes the same upmix algorithm as established in SoundField's UPM-1 upmix processor. The X-1 allows upmix and downmix processes to run simultaneously while inserted on user configurable input and output channels. It is also possible to insert the downmix process immediately after the upmix process for downmix quality control purposes. The unit is equipped with a full complement of AES digital inputs and outputs on BNC, and all metadata parameters of both the upmix and downmix processes are accessible via either USB or Ethernet through a dedicated PC application. The parameters can either be adjusted in real-time or stored for standalone use. Further control of pre-sets is also possible through a user configurable GPIO port. Two fully redundant power supplies and hard bypass audio are featured for full redundancy.
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