Soundly Updates Cloud-Based Sound Effects Application

V2 includes new cloud collaboration space and more sound effects in library
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OSLO �Soundly is rolling out V2 of its eponymous cloud-based, sound effects library and workflow platform. Touting more than 100 new features, Soundly is highlighting V2�s new shared collaboration space and access to more than 10,000 high quality sound effects.

As well as serving as an online library, Soundly also features a editing and sound placing capabilities. It also has a centralized hub to search for sound effects in its cloud library, local storage, shared network attached storage and large online systems.

With V2, Sound subscribers receive 10 GB of collaboration space in the Soundly Cloud. Multi-user accounts get as much space as needed. Personally created sound effects can be shared. In addition, users can work on the same shared database over a network.

Another new feature is �Spot to Pro Tools,� which allows users to press a button and spot a sound effect region to the cursor in Pro Tools and automatically copies the audio to the sessions audio files folder and automatically copies the audio to the sessions audio files folder.

The new version of Soundly is immediately available from for Mac or PC.