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Soundscape Mixpander/9

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Soundscape Mixpander/9

Dec 1, 2001 12:00 PM

Soundscape Mixpander/9: This PCI card provides additional DSP processing power for Soundscape R.Ed and SSHDR1-Plus digital audio workstations. It connects to the 512 channel expansion bus port on the rear panel of Soundscape DAWs and integrates with the Soundscape mixer transparently, taking advantage of all the real-time DSP effects plug-ins already purchased and authorized for the DAW. The V3.0 dynamic mix automation feature in the SSEditor software extends automatically to Mixpander, and external control of mixing and effects is provided through Soundscape's console manager. Mixpander has 24-bit, 96kHz operation for complete compatibility with R.Ed. Mixpander/9 contains nine Motorola 563xx DSPs on both sides of a full length PCI card. The total processing capability is up to 2.6GIPS. 805-658-7375; fax 805-658-6395;