SourceAudio’s Detect Finds Watermarking Advantages

Tracks music in audiovisual productions
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LOS ANGELES�Over the last three months audiovisual productions have been utilizing SoundAudio�s new Detect product to track and report watermarked music usage, says a press release from the company.

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Using Digimarc�s watermarking technology to decode an inaudible code in music files, SoundAudio reports that nearly 200,000 Detects have been reported by broadcasters, production music companies and music publishers.

The Detect system is designed to determine if music on a broadcast was heard as background music or used in a commercial, promo or movie trailer. The data is then organized in a dashboard that is capable of exporting performances in PRO approved formats. SourceAudio also says that the system eliminates false positives and missed detections, can identify retitled tracks, and supports MP3, WAV and AIFF files.

The price of Detect varies on the amount of tracks watermarked, from $49/month for one to 999 watermarked tracks, to $999 for more than 200,000.

SoundAudio is a B2B music technology platform for publishers, labels, broadcasters, production companies and creative agencies.