Startup Offers Portable, Multi-Function Mic and Headphone Amp

A-game Engineering introduces MA-1122
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YARDLEY, Pa.� A-game Engineering now offers a multi-function microphone and headphone amplifier in a single battery operated device. The startup company says the MA-1122 �will fill many �remote and in-house broadcasting needs.�

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The MA-1122 has a broadcast quality microphone amplifier that can deliver up to +21 dBm output with low distortion into 600 ohms. It also uses THAT Corporation devices, which provide low distortion and noise figures. Overall gain is adjustable in 12 steps from 12 dB up to 66 dB. The MA-1122 also sports a� two-input headphone amplifier with separate gain control for each input, an overall volume control, mono mode switch and the ability to accept either line or microphone level on one input. It has a microphone loop-thru output, if being used as a confidence monitor. The specifications of the headphone amplifier are broadcast grade � input level handling of up to +17 dBu and good sound quality, due to the Maxim headphone IC.

It has screw-attached rubber feet and laser-etched panel labeling. Neutrik XLR and TRS connectors are used for reliable connectivity.

Other features include line inputs and output on a Phoenix terminal connector for direct connection to dry pair leads; an external power jack; over 14 hour battery life; auto-shutdown of headphone amp when no headphone is plugged in to extend battery life; power LED; RF suppression on all I/O and availability in 5 attractive colors.

A-game's founder has over 40 years in the broadcast industry, and all design and manufacturing is done domestically.�