Steinberg WaveLab 8

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Steinberg WaveLab 8

Aug 12, 2013 3:29 PM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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DAW/audio editor
WaveLab 8 features a new speaker management system, loudness metering and processing, single-window plug-in management, a master control panel, iZotope's MBIT+ master dither, Voxengo's CurveEQ, brickwall limiter and tube compressor, SuperClips, metadata support and more than 150 improvements to its user interface and comprehensive tool set. Observing EBU R-128 compliance, WaveLab includes loudness metering for momentary, short-term and integrated values, true peak support and enhanced loudness and batch processing tools. With the MBIT+ master dither, WaveLab features a sophisticated set of word-length reduction algorithms for dithering and noise shaping. The second plug-in highlight is the linear-phase spline equalizer, CurveEQ, which matches and transfers a spectrum's shape from one recording to another. Workflow improvements see a polished user interface for easy operation, a new master transport panel to expedite navigating through the project, single-window plug-in management that allows users to sort plug-ins by manufacturer, category or preference. Audio Montage offers a new Master Plug-in Section for local storing of plug-in chains alongside SuperClip capability to combine multiple clips.

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