Sterling Audio Launches New Headphone Amplifiers

Available in three models
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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.�A new line of headphone amplifiers is now available from Sterling Audio for studio and live-sound applications. Available in three models, the new amplifiers feature gold-plated inputs and outputs, power-on status LEDs, and low-noise operation.

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The first model is the S104HA. Designed for personal recording studios, this headphone amplifier comes with one rear-panel stereo, TRS line input and four front-panel stereo headphone outputs, each with a 10-increment level slider. It has an aluminum chassis with non-slip rubber feet and is powered by an external 12 VDC supply for low-noise operation.

The four-channel S204HA is said to be for recording studios and broadcast facilities that require more flexible inputs. The S204HA front panel includes an unbalanced stereo line input and four rotary level knobs for headphone outputs. The rear panel offers four stereo headphone outputs and balanced TRS left and right line inputs on the rear panel. It is also powered by an external 12 VDC supply.

Sterling�s S418HA features two stereo main line inputs, eight direct line-level inputs for individual monitor mixes, and eight discrete, stereo headphone amplifiers, each with two headphone outputs packaged in a steel, 1U chassis. Able to operate in stereo or mono, the S418HA provides an output level control and clip LED for each channel. It has a 15V toroidal transformer that delivers output power and headroom.

The S104HA and S204HA are now available and are priced at $49.99 and $79.99 respectively. The S418HA will be released in September for a price of $149.99.