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Studer A D950 M2

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Studer A D950 M2

Dec 1, 2000 12:00 PM

Studer A D950 M2: This unit comes standard with a central assign section, color 8-channel surround meter, and a 15-inch TFT color display monitor. The channel sections feature a top-surface plastic laminate. The knob sections contain rotary encoders with a 21-LED ring for display of knob values. Each knob is flanked by an alpha-numeric readout that can display the function or value of each rotary controller in the system. The channel strips of the D950 M2 feature a graphic design language that enables the operator to recognize the sections of the strip. Studer's 24-bit converters are used, all digital inputs/outputs are 24-bit, and internal processing takes place at 40-bit floating point precision on a 32-bit bus.
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