Studer OnAir 1500

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Studer OnAir 1500

Aug 22, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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Digital mixing console

A 12-channel, six-fader console (expandable to 12 faders), the OnAir 1500 digital mixing console is for studios needing an additional professional-grade fader unit and additional I/O or a compact and cost-effective mixing console for a production room or on-air studio. Integrated USB playback and record functions make the console a very compact yet complete production unit and mixer. With simple point-to-point connectivity it can be moved around as a backup or secondary unit. Flexibility is increased with the addition of a six-fader extension bay, creating either a 12-fader surface, or an additional six faders that can be remotely placed in a producer's bay or used as a redundant surface. Channel parameters such as EQ and dynamics can be edited using console controls in combination with the OLED channel displays without requiring an additional screen or PC. For more advanced operation and configuration, the console provides interfaces for connecting a PC screen, keyboard and mouse. The master section gives the operator access to the signal monitoring and switching for control room and studio with an internal speaker preconfigured to output cue and talkback signals.

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