Studer Releases V2.2 Software for On Air 3000

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Studer Releases V2.2 Software for On Air 3000

Apr 11, 2007 10:15 AM

Las Vegas - Apr 11, 2007 - Software version 2.2 for the Studer On Air 3000 Series will be unveiled at NAB2007. New optional functions and modules for 5.1 signals allow control of a 5.1 input signal from a single fader. Stereo downmixing functions are included, along with surround control and monitoring through the Touch 'n' Action interface.

The D21m I/O system for the On Air 3000 can also support the recently launched SDI and Dolby E cards, the latter of which allows the console to decode eight audio channels from a Dolby E stream for processing within the console. The new software connection to the new S Core Live DSP system brings more DSP power to the On Air 3000 and increases the I/O capability of the console to 1728x1728.

The new Reverse Contribution Overview page on the main screen allows the operator to see which channels are contributing to an output bus by a simple switch function. New Management Tools include Advanced Central Error Logging and a System Viewer. Other new features and enhancements include limiters on the aux and N-X buses, a new N-X bus mode called N-1 and full return functions for clean feeds, a Conference MPX option, configurable output routing preset keys for monitoring source selectors, transmission control, studio sharing, direct outputs and talkback to DJ only.