Studio Technologies Upgrade 46A and 47A Audio Interfaces

Offer improved circuitry and software in a more compact package
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SKOKIE, Ill.�Studio Technologies has announced that it has upgraded its Model 46A and 47A audio interfaces and that they are now available for shipping. The new versions offer improved circuity and software in a more compact, lightweight package from previous iterations.

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Designed for sports and special-event broadcasting, the Model 46A provides two 2-channel party-line interfaces that provide direct connection of user belt packs and related devices. The 46A features 4-wire inputs and outputs that are directly compatible with matrix intercom systems that are standard in live-event broadcasting and production facilities. Other features include a lower audio noise floor and improved noise immunity.

The Model 47A provides dual 2- to 4-wire analog audio interfaces, but now adds power and audio on both channels of both party-line interfaces, equaling a total of four powered PL channels. It also offers an improved audio noise floor and enhanced immunity from ESD than its predecessor.

Both models also now feature improved PL output currents for an additional margin for connected devices. Revised internal power supplies and a new generation of microcontroller-integrated circuitry are also part of the upgrade. In addition, each product also supports other specialized audio system-interfacing applications; provide two independent, full-featured� 2-channel interfaces; two hybrid circuits with automatic-nulling capability.