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Tascam CD-302

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Tascam CD-302

Dec 1, 2000 12:00 PM

Tascam/Teac Professional CD-302: This unit is housed in a 2 RU enclosure. The remote is housed in a 3 RU enclosure, which can also be mounted flat in a DJ coffin case. The unit's two CD players act independently - one CD can be cued up while the second is playing. The CD-302 incorporates a built-in sampler that can loop a section of audio in either Play or Cue mode. Samples can also be reversed. Pitch and tempo can be changed independently and can be adjusted over a 32 percent range. A built-in RAM buffer allows for a 10-second shock buffer and instant start. Preset and cue memory locations may be stored and recalled using a 10-key pad.
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