Tascam Portable Recorder Accessories

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Tascam Portable Recorder Accessories

Aug 30, 2010 12:00 PM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

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The CS-680 case for the DR-680 recorder is custom-designed with velcro flaps to cover unneeded jacks. A clear plastic flap on top protects the multichannel recorder from mist and other weather conditions, and a front pocket is provided for carrying extra batteries and SD cards. The case is compatible with the shoulder strap that's included with the DR-680. The CS-DR2, is designed for the DR-2d recorder. The folding panels on this case can be arranged to prop the DR-2d at an angle for tabletop recording or playback. Also for the DR-2d, the WS-DR2 windscreen uses artificial fur to block wind gusts from the internal mics. This deluxe windscreen also fits the DR-1, GT-R1 and DR-07 recorders. The DR-08 now has a pair of windscreens with WS-DR08. Since the DR-08 microphones can be arranged either together or spread apart, the kit includes foam screens for either alignment.

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