TDK Releases MAF1608G Noise Suppression Filter

Has 0 percent of total harmonic distortion and noise, according to company
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TOKYO�The MAF1608G noise suppression filter for audio lines has been unveiled by the TDK Corporation, offering a 0 percent level of total harmonic distortion and noise for audio signals. It also features a mini component (1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm) with a high rated current of 1.6 A and a low DC resistance of 0.06 O.

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The new suppression filter uses ferrite material with a low distortion factor, which reduces audio distortion caused by filter insertion. It also offers high attenuation to provide noise suppression in audio applications.

The MAF1608G is designed to work with audio lines such as earphones, speakers and microphones in devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and portable game consoles.