Technology Spotlight: Video Production for Radio

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Technology Spotlight: Video Production for Radio

Jun 1, 2010 12:00 AM

2010 NAB Show Review

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NewTek Tricaster

Given the skyrocketing use of webcasting and streaming and the relentless industry-wide effort to connect with radio listeners, a new-found focus has been given to offering video in addition to the traditional audio component of radio.

Several varieties of small video production systems were shown. The Newtek Tricaster offers a condensed video production system in one unit. Some syndicated radio shows are already using this system to produce video. Need more portability? Speedtream has developed a backpack system that stream live video via Wi-fi or 3G/4G.

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Netia Radio-Assist 8 CamDirector

Netia has added an automatic video production element to Radio-Assist 8 called CamDirector. By integrating the mic feeds in the automatic video switcher, cameras can automatically switch to focus on the person speaking.

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Samson Zoom Q3

But if on-the-spot video is still your station''s choice for using video, Samson showed the Q3 video recorder. While consumer flip cameras offer portable video capture, Samson adds higher quality audio recording as well. And radio is all about good audio.

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