Telos Alliance Premieres OmniaSST Broadcast Audio Software

Features µMPX composite codec
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CLEVELAND, Ohio�The Telos Alliance is using IBC 2016 as a platform to launch its OmniaSST broadcast audio software. The new technology brings together FM pre-processing/processing technology with Telos� new �MPX codec.

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The OmniaSST is designed to transform PCs into high-end audio processors. Featuring the �MPX codec, which can transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals over a 320 kbps data pipe, the software has the ability to clean and repair incoming audio, optimizing it before it hits compression, limiting and final processing stages. It can reportedly remove unwanted sounds, repair clipped audio with the Perfect Declipper, improve the sound of compressed audio, and automatically repair stereo phase shift problems.

OmniaSST includes purpose-built Omnia presets, FM pre-emphasis, stereo and RDS encoding, and shares the FM-reception-improving composite final clipper technology found on the Omnia.9SG. Additional features include a I7 class processor and streamlined GUI.

Telos will offer OmniaSST with �MPX encoder/decoder for $1,395; additional �MPX decoder-only licenses are $395.