Telos Alliance Releases Axia IP-Tablet

Concept was first shown at IBC 2015
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CLEVELAND�Starting next month, users can purchase the Axia IP-Tablet, according to a press release from Axia�s parent company Telos Alliance.

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The Axia IP-Tablet is an addition to an Axia console that offers virtualization of control and hardware resources. It simplifies and aggregates control of several Telos Alliance devices and creates shortcuts to control Telos Alliance hardware. The IP-Tablet can also manage user�s rights for device access, linking a user�s profile to his or her needs and access privileges. The IP-Tablet can replace an external monitor with an optional aluminum panel that can fit into an Axia Fusion console. The Axia IP-Tablet runs on a Windows tablet.

Telos Alliance will sell the Axia IP-Tablet as individual modules, which will include models for Telos Systems, Omnia Audio, Fusion Console Control, Axia Pathfinder and Metadata Link.