Telos Alliance Says Voltair Still Makes a Difference in Ratings

Manufacturer says Nielsen's eCBET does not provide the same ratings advantages
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CLEVELAND, Ohio�The Telos Alliance put out a media statement last week, saying its Voltair product �still provides broadcasters with a significant ratings advantage, even on enhanced CBET.� Telos is parent of25-Seven, which makes the Voltair watermark monitor and processor.

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�Nielsen launched eCBET in late 2015 in response to the disruptive Voltair, which broadcasters were using to optimize their transmission of watermarks,� Telos wrote in its statement. �eCBET was supposed to address some of the encoding issues with CBET technology that the Voltair unit brought to light.�

Saying it has done research in the lab and field over several months, Telos �has come to the conclusion that Voltair is still very useful for broadcasters who want to make sure they are getting credit for every listener using a Portable People Meter,� the company wrote.

�Broadcasters using Voltair have reported that it still provides a significant ratings advantage, even with eCBET. The proof is in toggle-testing, where a station can easily vary Voltair�s enhancement level for each quarter hour, then track the ratings results for the quarter-hours with and without Voltair enhancement.��

The manufacturer listed two examples. It said an FM talk/music station in a top-10 market found that the quarter-hours with Voltair set to 12 were 7.8% higher than the quarter-hours without Voltair; and an AM news/talk station in a top-25 market experienced a 10.3% increase in the quarter-hours with Voltair set to 12 than the quarter-hours without Voltair.

A version of this story originally appeared on the website of Radio World, sister publication of Radio magazine.