Telos Alliance Updates Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator

Designed to improve clipping and reception
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CLEVELAND�A new software update is available for Omnia�s Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator from its parent company Telos Alliance.�

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Now on to version 3.15.50, the update offers improved clipper performance, tools for improved reception and multipath management and UECP support for RDS.�The unit�s new clipper is capable of an additional 0.5 dB of loudness and less distortion than previous versions. The clipper can also be used as a means to shape the texture of the audio.�

An additional single sideband mode has been added to improve managing and reducing multipath distortion. The SSB maintains near full stereo reception even when switching to mono.

Another new feature is Stokkemask clipping per the ITU-R SM-1268 standard, which controls RF bandwidth. The system�s UECP support for RDS also makes it capable of transmitting ancillary data via the RDS signal and addressing all or specific encoders.�

The Omnia.9sg v3.15.50 is now available for free download.