Telos Alliances Issues Software Update for Omnia.9sg

Features new clipper design and Livewire+ AES67
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CLEVELAND�Omnia.9sg v3.16.52 from the Telos Alliance is now available for consumers. This new software update for the stereo generator and final stage processor adds a number of new and redesigned features.

One example is a new design for Omnia.9sg�s clipper. The new psychoacoustically controlled distortion masking clipper is designed to be louder, cleaner and more efficient. It reportedly takes into account how the human ear perceives distortion, using the information to mask it. It also uses less internal processing power from the CPU.

Additional features for the updated Omnia.9sg is it is now AES67-compliant as a Livewire+ AES67 product. The product is processor agnostic, allowing it to be used to improve audio quality and loudness of any station with any processor. It also offers split processing�placing the main processor at the studio and the Omnia.9sg at the transmitter�and can be installed at multiple transmitter sites.

An expanded look at Omnia.9sg�s features include full-IP remote capability with remote audio streaming; a built-in http server with push support for automation; an optional RDS encoder; an RF bandwidth controller; selectable SSB stereo encoding; and more.