Telos Alliance Introduces Voltair Export Feature

Offers "comprehensive minute-by-minute understanding of exactly which programming is not encoding well in PPM”
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Voltair Data Export spreadsheet � orange and light-orange shades indicate periods when content showed low encoding confidence levels on Voltair.CLEVELAND, Ohio�TheTelos Alliancehas announced a newdata export featurefor its Voltair watermark monitor and processor.�

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According to a release, the Voltair Data Export Licenses will �help broadcasters obtain a comprehensive minute-by-minute understanding of exactly which programming is not encoding well in PPM.��

It specifies: �Voltair keeps a minute-by-minute history of confidence metrics, both for original and enhancement levels. The Data Export License allows users to export that confidence-level data in a color-coded (green, yellow, orange) Excel spreadsheet for each broadcast day. Programmers can use this feature to identify the voices, commercials and songs that don�t encode well for each minute of programming.��

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Geoff Steadman, founder and president of 25-Seven Systems, part of the Telos Alliance, said, �Broadcasters know that not all programming encodes equally well in PPM, and some content encodes downright badly. � While the Voltair unit itself provides a visual display that indicates when content is or isn't being encoded well, the data that Voltair constantly collects gives a more granular analysis.��

The Telos Alliance offers a Voltair Data Export Licensee FAQ here.�

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