Texas Instruments Introduces Wideband RF Synthesizer

Delivers "ultra-low" noise
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DALLAS � Texas Instruments has introduced the LMX2571, a low-power, wideband radio frequency synthesizer. Covering up to 1.34 GHz, the LMX2571 integrates a low-noise PLLatinum fractional-N phase-locked loop with a multicore voltage-controlled oscillator, enabling low-phase noise and spurs at 39 mA (128 mW).

The LMX2571 enhances radio sensitivity and dynamic range for applications like low-power wireless communication, handheld oscilloscopes and signal analyzers. An integrated frequency modulator enables that user to directly modulate the carrier to produce analog frequency modulation or frequency-shift-keying for land mobile radios, software-defined radios and wireless microphones.

Other features include an integrated feature to remove integer boundary spurs; integration of low-dropout regulators, a 5-V pump, and a fast transmit/receive switch reduces bill of materials and solution footprint.

The LMX2571 is now available in a 6mm x 6mm quad flat no-leads package.