The end of ISDN?

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The end of ISDN?

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

When the project began, Nassau New Hampshire ordered five Comrex Matrix codecs with ISDN and POTS capability. One ISDN line was ordered from Verizon, the local phone service provider, and installed at the station. When Dirk Nadon, director of engineering, called to order additional ISDN lines, he was told by Verizon �sorry, we don't offer them at the location anymore.�

Nadon quickly phoned Tony Gervasi, senior vice president of engineering and technology, who in turn called the corporate sales rep at Verizon and was told that �even though you have ISDN lines at that location, we will no longer offer ISDN service in your area.� Gervasi then asked to speak to his supervisor, but received the same answer. Even after going up three levels, he kept getting the same answer. Finally, Gervasi received this answer: �Verizon stopped supporting ISDN lines over Pairgain amps, and since your location is just outside the three mile limit for ISDN lines, and any new service would require Pairgain amps, you're unable to get this service.�

Now, Nassau has more than $30,000 worth of Comrex ISDN equipment, and another $16,000 worth of Telos Zephyrs that can't be used in its stations in New Hampshire. And, at Nassau's stations in Maine, where there are ISDN lines already in place, it is being told the same thing: �your location no longer qualifies for ISDN service.�

Nassau is exploring other means with CLEC's for ISDN services, but so far it hasn't found a solution.