Titus Technological Laboratories PDI-626

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Titus Technological Laboratories PDI-626

Nov 7, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Program data inserter
This program, data or EAS audio/data insertion device uses sealed relays to passively pass audio or data on six channels through the device. Upon remote command, an alternate source is transferred to the outputs bypassing the audio or data from the primary source. By placing the PDI-626 in the program chain program, data or EAS audio is easily and immediately transferred to the program channels when triggered by an external source. The PDI-626 features XLR connectors for the inputs and outputs. Either analog or AES-3 audio can be transferred this way. The PDI-626 is controlled by an external closure monitored for short to ground, open, or legitimate trigger from the triggering device. In the even of a failure of the triggering line the PDI-626 will not put the secondary source onto the program line. Local testing and triggering of the PDI-626 as well as full loop and system monitoring are via the front panel. Daisy chain of other units is possible with the remote trigger output. Remote status is also provided.

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